Saturday, February 24, 2024

The House: Evil Awakens Streaming Premiere on Infinity+

The House: Evil Awakens Streaming Premiere on Infinity+

The horror sequel The House – The Awakening of Evil is in Premiere streaming on Infinity+ until July 13, for all subscribers and at no additional rental costs.

Until July 13 is available in Premiere streaming are Infinity+for all subscribers, The House – The Awakening of Evil by Lee Cronin, a sort of sequel to the famous one saga horror held at baptism over forty years ago by Sam Raimi. As the users of the platform know well Mediaset Infinity who have subscribed to the Infinity+ channel, have access to the “Premiere“, seven-day windows where they can watch very recent films, without the usual additional rental costs.

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The House – The Awakening of Evil, the plot of the horror film

The House – The awakening of evil is the story of two sistersEllie and Beth (Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan), who are about to reunite after a long separation, but find a disturbing book that frees demonic and cruel entities: their presence will transform the family reunion into one fight for survival. Evil requires victims… and is also capable of to possess people. The family will stay prisoner of the Los Angeles apartment of Ellie, trying to defend themselves even from those who should theoretically… take care of them! How to end the nightmare? Beth will have to shoulder the enterprise.

The House – The Awakening of Evil, speak the director and Sam Raimi

Sam Raimiauthor of the original Home and producer of this film, explained to Geeks of Color why he chose Lee Cronin as his heir to managing one of the most famous horror cycles: “I thought of him after watching Hole – The abyss, had won a few awards and was recognized as a well-made film. I agreed and had seen in him le handcrafted qualities for the success of something like Evil Awakens. Because really, to make a film about the House, you have to have a lot professionalism in the management of mechanical effectsfrom the prosthesise you have to know how to direct the actors. It’s hard to find someone who can do all those things.”
Cronin told Yahoo: “I’m a fan of the series but had no interest in doing another one Home in a secluded cabin in the woods, they had already rebooted. I didn’t want to reboot the reboot, so at this point, if I need to change things, I might as well go into the opposite direction: l’attic of an apartment in downtown Los Angeles it is the furthest place you can get on the planet from a cabin in the woods. (…) Once you’re there, you get a glimpse into the world and modern life, things that matter because in the end they give more value to horror.”