Big Brother Vip, Daniele Dal Moro fury against Edoardo Tavassi: “But vaff *****”

Daniele Dal Moro, on Twitter, railed against some of his former fellow adventurers at Gf Vip.

Continues the fury of Daniele Dal Moro which he recently pointed his finger at on Twitter Edward Tavassihis former adventure partner al Gf Vip. The former Venetian tronista also returned to talk about the Van affair, when they were accused by the authors for having obscured the audio microphones during their adventure in the House.

“So first it was the gf who had misunderstood, then it’s the microphones that disconnected by themselves, then in reality they were joking, then the mother invented things, then it’s the Orieles who invent things, then they me doing fan service on twitch”

“Then it’s not that my relationship is fake and that I got it wrong, then in the rooms at 3 in the morning they actually teleported him, then it’s me who has to appease my fans because they say mean things, then it’s not that he doesn’t tag for her friend is that she’s not very social, then… BUT VAFFANC”

In some recent statements by the former gieffino he pointed the finger at other former tenants without naming them but now, the reference is clear. Meanwhile, on the web, a sort of war between fandoms seems to have already begun, on the one hand those who support the Ories (fans of the couple Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli) against precisely the Incorvassi (supporters of the couple formed by Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia).

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