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The warmest summer: our meeting with the protagonists and the director of the film, now available on Prime Video

The warmest summer: our meeting with the protagonists and the director of the film, now available on Prime Video

The hottest summer, the new Original Italian film is available from today 6 July in streaming on Prime Video. Here’s everything you need to know about the film and our video interview with director Matteo Pilati and the protagonists Gianmarco Saurino, Nicole Damiani and Alice Angelica.

It’s available streaming on Prime Video from July 6th a new Amazon Original Italian, a summer and sentimental comedy that deals in an unusual way with the theme of falling in love and summer flirting. The film is called The hottest summer and tells, in a nutshell, the story of some boys in a Sicilian town during a summer, and in particular of the love that arises suddenly and unexpectedly between a girl who is about to leave Sicily to go to university in Rome , and a boy who is about to become a priest.
Here’s the official synopsis of The Hottest Summer:

In a town in southern Sicily, love and passion intertwine during a summer hotter than ever: Lucia’s (Nicole Damiani) last before leaving for university and parting ways with Valentina (Alice Angelica), her best friend; the last of Nicola (Gianmarco Saurino) before becoming a priest. Nicola’s arrival in the small parish of Don Carlo (Nino Frassica), under the blinding sun of July, will bring euphoria and confusion to the town. In the cast also Stefania Sandrelli (in the role of Carmen, a very devout parishioner and lover of gossip), Mehdi Meskar, Michela Giraud, Giuseppe Giofrè.

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Produced by Notorious Pictures and Amazon Studios, in association with Rufus Film, The hottest summer is directed by from Matteo Pilati Of Masculine singular, also screenwriter together with Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa and Tommaso Triolo. We interviewed Pilati together with three of his actors, Gianmarco Saurino, Nicole Damiani e Alice Angelicaand this is what they told us:

In The Hottest Summerwhich you will find below official trailers and postersyou can also listen to the new single by Francesca Michielin “Lightning on me” (Columbia Records/Sony Music Italy), which the Italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist composed specifically for the film.

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