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Men and women, illness for Ludovica Valli and rush to the hospital: “Never been like this in 26 years”

Men and women, illness for Ludovica Valli and rush to the hospital: "Never been like this in 26 years"

Bad accident for Ludovica Valli, former face of Men and Women. Let’s see what happened!

The former face of Men and womeninfluence it Ludovica Valli was forced to rush to the hospital: during these days of vacation abroad, together with her partner Gianmaria Di Gregorio and their two children, Anastasia and Otto Eduardo, Beatrice Valli’s sister had an illness which then took her to go to the emergency room.

Men and Women, Ludovica Valli in the hospital: stitches on the face and great fear

It is not the first time that the influencer has gone on holiday abroad and finds himself unable to enjoy relaxation: during the Christmas period, in fact, Ludovica Valli and the eldest daughter Anastasia were sick due to a strong fever which greatly debilitated them and forced them to rest for a long time. Apparently, even on this second vacation, the influencer found herself in a bad situation.

After an illness that forced her to stay awake all night, she tried to get up, but on reaching the kitchen she fell to the floor, hitting her face and seriously injuring her chin. The details of the story were disclosed by her direct interest, who published several stories on her Instagram account. In these videos, Ludovica Valli she showed herself with stitches on her chin and told what happened:

“Here I am. Face apart and chin open, I’m better. Sorry if I couldn’t tell you anything before, but I really couldn’t. Now, I’m better, much better. I’m recovering, but I can’t tell you what happened . Last night I was sick, I recovered, I had a fever of 40 but I don’t know why. In the end I had eaten the usual, I didn’t eat anything strange so I could think “ah this hurt me”. In the morning I I get up, go to the kitchen, but I don’t get there, because I lean on the table and see that I can’t make it. I wanted to go back to my room, but I found Giamma calling me, lying next to me. I touch myself and I was full of blood, I thought something had happened to the babies, but not that it was me on the ground unconscious.”

The influencer explained that, at first, she was afraid that it was the children who were injured and that after the initial shock she realized that she was the one who got hurt. Ludovica Valli revealed he couldn’t stand and ended up falling as soon as he tried: from there to the hospital from 10am until late afternoon:

“I did two blood tests, the CT scan on my head for the blow I received. Everything seems to be fine, in any case they advised me once I returned to Italy to carry out certain checks.”

The accident left her with 6 stitches under her chin and a great fright:

“I was alone in the hospital, but I made it. I cried more for the thought of the children who were without me than for anything else. Oh well, it’s all over.”

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