Barbara D’Urso out of Mediaset, Guendalina Tavassi speaks: “I didn’t like all the bad things about her”

Guendalina Tavassi comments on Barbara D’Urso’s departure from Mediaset.

After Karina Cascella, too Guendalina Tavassi commented the departure of Barbara D’Urso from Mediaset. Interviewed by Fanpage, the nice Roman columnist ed former castaway of L’Isola dei Famosi he wanted to spend words of esteem and affection towards the presenter.

Guendalina Tavassi and the words about Barbara D’Urso

Barbara D’Urso will no longer be at the helm of Afternoon 5. To comment on the news, made official by Pier Silvio Berlusconi during the presentation of the new Mediaset schedulesit was also Guendalina Tavassi. In a recent interview with Fanpage, the columnist said:

It was a shock. I started working on TV as a columnist for him and I was until a few months ago. For me, Barbara d’Urso is Mediaset. I was already sad to see that she had less and less space because she is a great professional capable of passing from so-called “trash” topics, which entertain, to crime news with a way that she is only about her, speaking about her on television. I didn’t like all the nastiness about her. Barbara arrived at Mediaset at dawn, she did her dance lessons, began reading the newspapers and then went to the studio for rehearsals and live broadcasts. She left the studios at dinnertime, sometimes even late at night. If it hadn’t been her choice, it would be terrible to have killed a professional of this type after a life dedicated to Mediaset …

I’ve always respected her even if we had disagreements. Just think that one of Barbara’s children was in my class at Falconieri high school. Both sons were very humble boys. One of them even left for London to work as a waiter. I remember I was surprised: Barbara d’Urso’s son who goes abroad to be a waiter. She is like this: she taught him that things have to be worked out for, even if you come from a privileged position. Once, as soon as I left Big Brother, I left during her live broadcast because a person close to my ex had intervened by telephone. She got mad, but then behind the scenes we cleared up. Another person would never allow me to participate in the program again.

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Gwendolyn he later revealed that he had heard the phone over the phone D’Urso after Mediaset press release:

I sent her a message and she kindly replied. She thanked me and blew me a kiss, but she didn’t seem heartbroken. I’m more sorry, although I continue to hope it was her choice and that we will see her again soon to host another program that offers her all the space she deserves. Barbara was born to do this and a TV without her is not TV for me.

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