Monday, February 26, 2024
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Amber Heard returns to speak: «I just want to be appreciated as an actress, I don’t want to be crucified»

Amber Heard torna a parlare: «Voglio solo essere apprezzata come attrice, non voglio essere crocifissa»

About a year and a month have passed since the end of the trial that involved Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard: a trial that, due to its media resonance, almost seemed like a TV series, and which is a TV series after all. really become. And a little less than a year has passed since Amber Heard’s last public intervention, which apart from some post-trial aftermath in which she went on to say her part on television has then substantially disappeared from circulation, at least from the media. She reappeared in public a few weeks ago, and she did it next to a well-known Italian actor, but still the actress had not returned to speak. She hasn’t spoken in public for a long time.

Amber Heard did it, a year after those excited days that finally saw her ex-husband Johnny Depp win the trial, and she did it a few days ago in a chat with the well-known magazine Deadline. A conversation of which we report below a small excerpt:

You know, I just want to make movies and be appreciated as an actress. I don’t want to be crucified at the same time. This is a big thing I’ve had to learn, that I’m not in control of the stories other people create around me. It’s something I’ll probably appreciate as a blessing later on. Right now, I just wish I didn’t have so many stones thrown at me. I’m here to support a film. And it’s not something I can be sued for. I think I’ve earned respect for (my tenure in acting) for being in its own right. This is quite substantial. What I’ve been through, what I’ve experienced, doesn’t make my career at all.”

These are the words of Amber Heard, who will soon return to our screens, to the cinema, with Aquaman 2.