Men and women, Armando Incarnato fury: “I’ve always been different but you’ve never understood it”

New outburst of the Campanian knight of the throne over Men and Women who specifies: “in the context of the program I have always respected and given account to only one person”.

Yesterday, the knight of the throne over of Men and Women, Armando Incarnate has shared a post on Instagram that for many seemed like an outburst against Isabella Ricci, the former lady of the female parterre of the dating show who recently announced her divorce from the former knight Fabio Mantovani.

Men and Women, the harsh outburst of Armando Incarnato

Well, a few hours later, the knight from Campania wanted to clarify that in his outburst there was nothing inherent in the program or its protagonists.

“Every time I write or say something, always think that I am referring to the context of Men and Women. You are tired! I would like to remind you that in that studio, outside of those who work, I have always shown respect and given account to only one person and that I never gave a damn about the chairs around, let alone who occupied them. I’ve never considered people in there precisely because of their falsehood, let alone outside. But you understood that I have a life of my own, have you ever thought even remotely that I am referring to personal and non-public situations? The meaning was: if it was true Love, esteem and respect remained”

Embodied he then continued:

“You don’t know anything about me, people write, talk and the click-catching newspapers write absurd things about me… they don’t even know my age but despite everything they write and you? Believe, comment and judge, you don’t know what I do for live, my past, my present what surrounds me and how good or bad it can be for situations that you ignore.

“I am not your outlet, I am a normal person like many others, I am Armando of Men and Women, I am Armando! Continue every day to cross the limit of respect for a human being. I have been present and you have never known or understood anything about me, let alone if I’m absent. Remember that if you know everything about everyone, it’s because the first to spread news and info are those directly concerned! Because of their great desire for visibility. 80% of the scoops don’t come from gossippari but from those directly involved, wake up! I’ve always been different but you never understood it.”

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