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Who is Fikret of Terra Amara? All about Furkan Palalı

Who is the actor who plays Fikret Fekeli in Amara Land?

Who is Fikret Fekeli of Terra Amara?

Fikret Fekeli in Bitter land who is? It is a secondary character who has obtained more space in the Turkish soap opera broadcast on Channel 5. If you are following the episodes of the soap you will know that Fikret Fekeli is the illegitimate son of Adnan Yaman, Fekeli’s nephew. By profession a creditor, he is also the adopted son of Musa Fekeli.

Furkan Palali actor of Terra Amara

What is the name of the actor who plays Fikret in Bitter land? Is called Furkan Palali and is a Turkish actor and model born in Konya on October 26, 1986. In addition to having expressed an interest in acting, he has also practiced basketball as a sport as well as cultivated his presence in the fashion field as a model. He has so far acted mainly on television, in series such as No: 309, Have a Miracle, My Sweet Lie and the most recent Bitter land. The role of Fikret Fekeli is the most famous in his repertoire.

What happens to Fikret Fekeli in Bitter Land?

Fikret arrives at Çukurova and enters her Bitter land promises storm. Demir’s half-brother as the illegitimate son of Adnan Yaman, his arrival in the plot throws the protagonists into chaos. The boy has a specific reason for coming to the city: he wants what is rightfully his and demands it from the Yaman. His goal is therefore to take revenge for the wrongs suffered and he cares little about how others will react to the truth.

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However, from the beginning Fikret Fekeli will avoid confessing his true identity. And during his stay in the city, Demir’s half-brother will only create one problem after another, especially when he falls in love with Mujgan. The two cannot resist each other and so they begin a secret relationship. Meanwhile, the boy carries out his plan, put at risk by Fekeli who discovers the truth about him.