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The Promise Advances July 5, 2023: Curro humiliates Jana!

The Promise Advances July 5, 2023: Curro humiliates Jana!

Let’s see together the previews of the episode of La Promessa aired on July 5, 2023 on Canale5. The Plots of the episode of the new Soap reveal that Curro will humiliate Jana and will even force her to apologize while Leonor, tired of hiding, will want to reveal her relationship with Mauro to her father.

In the bet of The promise broadcast on July 5, 2023at ore 14.45we will see flying sparks to the estate. The Advances from the Soap spagnolain broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale5they reveal to us that Curro will not be able to hold back il his contempt for Jana. The boy he will humiliate her and then he will force her to apologize to him for reacting to his abuses. The maidalthough shocked by this attitude, won’t throw in the towel e will continue to fight in order to reveal the whole truth to the boy. Meanwhile Cruz, determined to celebrate her birthday per prove to everyone That Lujan have no money problemsstarts to throw a big party. To do so, however, he will steal e he will sell the precious family broochnow in the possession of Catalina. Leonor instead he will decide to come out and to reveal to her father about her relationship with Mauro While Maria will help Jana a break free once and for all from the faith of Thomas.

Advances The Promise: Curro humiliates Jana

Jana yes it is realizing more and more that Curro is a domineering boy and spoiled but she decided not to throw in the towel with him. Too bad though that things will eventually get out of hand and put it in one bad situation. The young man, tired of having her around, he will humiliate the waitress and will even end up for force her to apologise, for reacting to his words. There our protagonist will be destroyed. What happened to her beloved little brother? Who turned him into a terrible and tyrannical person? Meanwhile Simona will devise a trap per frame Lope and get rid of it permanently.

The Promise Previews: Cruz steals and sells Catalina’s brooch to organize her birthday

Don Alonso is bankrupt e the marquises have done everything per convince the duke to grant Jimena’s hand to Manuel and for do not give up the girl’s dowry. However, despite this clever move, marriage still does not seem certain. Their son will still refuse to do his homework and will continue to think on the fly. The marquise will have to make sure of resolve this situation but above all to prevent rumors about them from continuing to circulate. For this, after having reiterated to her husband Of don’t accept his father’s helpwill think of throw a big party for the his birthdayto demonstrate that the family still enjoys a large amount of money. To get the moneywill have to though steal and sell a family broochbelonging to Catalina.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Leonor wants to reveal her love for Mauro to everyone

Leonor e Mauro they will continue to live their love secretly but soon the marquis will decide to come out into the open e you reveal to everyonefirst of all to his father, the their relationship. The butler will be very happy about it, especially after Teresa warned him, urging him to be careful not to get caught. Meanwhile Jana and Marina will get rid of Tomas’ faith and they’ll take advantage of Jimena’s clogged bathroom drain.

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The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.