Ludovica Valli, too much retouched photos? The accusation unleashes the fury of the influencer!

Ludovica Valli has been accused of excessively retouching her photos. Let’s see together how the influencer reacted!

Ludovica Valli responded in kind to the umpteenth attack by a hater: this time, the accusation against the influencer is of excessively retouching his photosto pretend you have longer legs.

Ludovica Valli is furious against the accusation of haters

Already a few weeks ago, Ludovica Valli she found herself answering the absurd theory that allegedly implanted prostheses in his b-side, to make it look fuller. The influencer, with great irony, had responded in kind, publishing a video in which he showed himself in a tank top and underwear to demonstrate that there were no prostheses of any kind in any part of the body:

“I’d like to have them because then I wouldn’t have to go to the gym and I could eat endless crap, I love sweets. But, as you can see, if there were prostheses everything would be perfect and firm, but it’s not like that, maybe because I also have been born a few months ago?”

This time, there are new criticisms about her physical appearance and, in particular, the haters accuse her of use filters to make her legs optically longer. The influencer’s response was not long in coming, but this time Ludovica Valli she was really furious and has denied the use of filters:

“Filters? But why aren’t there apps where they show if a photo is modified? I swear, I’d love to! At least I’d avoid reading this bullshit, on TikTok there are a thousand videos in costume, those are the legs, jealous!”

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