Kill Bill Vol. 3, Quentin Tarantino addresses fans’ hopes

Kill Bill Vol. 3 is occasionally recovered as a hope by its own interpreters such as Uma Thurman or Vivica Fox, as well as by the fans of the two films themselves, but in an interview with a German site Quentin Tarantino addresses the issue in a rather peremptory way.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) e Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004) are among the most beloved films of Quentin Tarantinoand also because of some of his rash statements, no one has ever stopped hoping for a third chapternot even the “Bride” itself Uma Thurman or other interpreters like Vivica Fox (which would have been fine even appearing in a flashback). Interviewed by the Dutch site DeMorgen, Quentin however has one answer which seems definitive, about the probabilities of the existence of a Kill Bill Vol. 3.
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Who hopes for a sequel Of Kill Bill Vol. 1 e Kill Bill Vol. 2 gets a nice one today cold showereven if any fan of Quentin Tarantino he knows what he intends to close with the cinema after the next and apparently last film, The Movie Critic. A precise question, on the possibility of a Kill Bill Vol. 3, Quentin replied. “I don’t see it on the horizon. My latest movie talk about a movie critic, a man. And it’s set in the 1970s. Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke share the big screen, but as a true cinephile Tarantino seems to have already defined his film path.
Kill Bill Vol. 1 grossed 181,000,000 dollars for a cost of 30, while Kill Bill Vol. 2 moved to 154,111,000 for a similar budget: the perfect example of that authorial product with a relatively small budget but commercially profitablewithout the need for stratospheric costs to involve on an aesthetic, expressive and spectacular level.

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