The Young Montalbano summer 2023 reruns: programming times

Il Giovane Montalbano reruns summer 2023 when on air

Starting in the summer of 2023 le replicas of The young Montalbano season one, aired from Monday 3 July in prime time on Rai 1. Let’s talk about prequel of the famous fiction Inspector Montalbano born as a television transposition of the novels of Andrea Camilleri. The same Sicilian author signs with Francesco Bruni the screenplay of the TV series with the protagonist Michael Riondino broadcast for two seasons between 2012 and 2015 on Rai 1.

Him in the role of a very young Salvo Montalbano who has just been promoted to commissioner of the city of Vigata, and therefore grappling with the first investigation. However, despite his young age, our commissioner immediately demonstrates great cunning and ability in solving apparently very complicated mysteries. Below are the previews of the first episode.

Anticipations Montalbano’s first investigation

We are in autumn in Sicily in the 90s when our Montalbano finds himself investigating the murder of a half-criminal with a history of cattle theft. After meeting his new colleagues, including Carmine Fazio and Agatino Catarella, Montalbano starts his first investigation, the one with which it all begins.

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Although at first the accusations fall on the pastor Tano Borruso, Montalbano immediately realizes that the real culprit could never be him. In the meantime, Salvo also solves the case of Viola Monaco, who has concocted a plan to take revenge on the man who raped her in the past; Salvo manages to stop her and at the same time also to capture the culprit.

The young Montalbano 2 season, here Salvo played by Michele Riondino holding a newspaper photo Credits of Palomar and RAI
The young Montalbano 2 season, here Salvo played by Michele Riondino holding a newspaper photo Credits of Palomar and RAI

What time does Il Giovane Montalbano 2023 start and when does it end?

What time does the appointment with the de reruns start tonight The young Montalbano aired on Rai 1? The airing of the fiction with Michele Riondino kicks off from Monday 3 July 2023 taking the place of Blanca in reply, another great success by Rai aired with the episodes of the first season waiting to discover those of the second arriving this autumn.

Therefore, starting from 3 July, Rai 1’s Monday evening gives way to de replies The young Montalbano, in onda every Monday give her 9.25pm ​​until 11.30pm about with a new episode. Formed entirely by six betslet’s imagine watching the programming of the reruns for six consecutive weeks, then until August.

Where to see The Young Montalbano summer 2023 reruns in streaming

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How to follow reruns of The young Montalbano if you can’t do it live on Rai 1? In this case, don’t worry, you can always watch the episodes of the fiction live or retrieve them later for free on RaiPlay. We are talking about the Rai-branded streaming platform where you can always retrieve the best of the network’s programming, both live and once the linear broadcast has been completed.

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