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Temptation Island, the previews of the second episode, tonight on Canale 5

Temptation Island, the previews of the second episode, tonight on Canale 5

Today, Monday 3 July 2023, the second appointment with Temptation Island will be broadcast.

Today, Monday 3 July 2023, in the early evening are Channel 5awaits us second appointment with Temptation Islandthe docu-reality show produced by produced by Charm Pgt and conducted by Philip Bisciglia.

Temptation Island: the previews of tonight’s episode

After the extraordinary success of the first episode which achieved a share of 26% keeping over 3 and a half million viewers glued to the screen, tonight the second appointment with the island of temptations awaits us.

The ending of the last episode remained open. Philip Bisciglia in fact, he greeted the audience leaving them with bated breath: Isabella she requested a confrontation bonfire with her boyfriend Manu, following some of his statements that hurt and disappointed her. Manu will the bonfire show up?

Alessia and Davide will arrive at a crucial moment in their journey and also Vittoriaannoyed by the behavior of her boyfriend, it will seem intending to have an early confrontation with Daniele.

What will happen in the second stage of this journey? What implications will the love stories of the other couples take? Looking forward to many events full of emotions. Between laughter, moments of leisure, but also doubts, revelations and comparisons that will put a strain on the stability of the seven protagonist couples.

Temptation Island: the seven protagonist couples

Gabriela19 years old and Giuseppe, 24, engaged for seven years. It was Gabriela who wrote to Tempation after discovering that Giuseppe had secretly registered on a dating site. She finds out because Giuseppe had accidentally left Gabriela’s number with a girl. This girl contacts her convinced that she is talking to Giuseppe, at which point Gabriela discovers that he called himself “American Boy”. She is convinced that she cheated on her even though he has always denied that he did.

Alessia32 years old and Davide, 39 years old, engaged for eleven years. A Temptation Island writes Alessia. After having had a relationship of about two years with a person much older than her and after being discovered by her boyfriend Davide di lei did everything to win him back but, according to her, without success. Davide hid from Alessia that he knew about this story for a year and a half.

Daniele33 years old and Vittoria, 32, engaged for four years. On Temptation Island writes Daniele. For a year Vittoria has been asking him insistently for a child. However, things between them are not going well because they fight constantly and he would like to understand if the situation between him and Vittoria can improve and if they are really ready to have a child, or not. She wants to understand if Daniele is ‘ready to truly build a future with her.

Manu27 years old and Isabella, 26 years old, engaged for three and a half years. Temptation Island writes Manu. Manu and Isabella come from two completely different socio-economic backgrounds. He comes from a popular neighborhood while she has always lived in the center of Milan. Manu dreams of a future with her so much so that he would even like to go and live with her, but he can’t find a meeting point on her where to go. Isabella is certain of the love she feels for her boyfriend and she is sure that the problems between them do not depend on their social difference, but on Manu’s character.

But31 years old and Federico, 31 years old, engaged for three years. Ale wrote to Temptation Island because she is tired of her boyfriend. She would like more certainties about their future because she dreams of a marriage and a family, while Federico doesn’t give her any stability, not even on her feelings that he has for her. Federico has a completely different vision of the future from Ale’s. He doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t want to have children, and he also has to understand his feelings towards his girlfriend.

Francesca23 years old and Manuel, 30 years old, engaged for two and a half years. Francesca wants to understand why Manuel leaves her every couple of times and in the space of these two and a half years he has left her about 5 times. She is always there waiting for him and he takes advantage of this. She is exhausted and she would like Manuel to be clear what he wants: to be with her or not.

Perla25 years old and Mirko, 26 years old, engaged for five years. Perla writes to the program because she moved to Rieti for Mirko’s sake, moving away from her city, her friends and her family, but to date she is not convinced of her choice because she feels she is not happy. Since she moved she has been dissatisfied with the life she leads, so she participates to understand if Mirko is the right person to build a future with.

The appointment with the second episode of Temptation Island, awaits us this eveningstarting at 21.30 live on Channel 5.

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