The Bear 2: Jeremy Allen White Clarifies Potential Romance

The Bear is a series determined to follow the chaotic life of Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), who finds herself evolving from renowned chef to owner of her own restaurant, The Beef, after her brother’s disappearance.
Along the way, the protagonist manages to revitalize the restaurant, build a relationship with the workers and learn more about himself. He also develops an acquaintance with Sydney Adamu (Ayo Edebiri), the Beef’s sous-chef. Despite viewer speculation about a potential romance between Carmy and Sydney, that was not the case in the second season of The Bear.

Jeremy Allen White told Variety that the relationship between the two characters remains complicated

During the last interview with Variety, the actor was asked how the relationship between the two characters will develop, especially after the recent episode aired.

“I read it as if Syd was rightfully angry. They’re doing this thing together and she doesn’t have her full attention and focus. They’re trying to create this thing that’s very difficult to create. Of course there is love and respect in this relationship. There is admiration and I think and hope that even in platonic relationships it is possible to say things like “I need you”. When they talk under the table in episode 9, it’s such a beautiful scene, and it’s a hookup scene, but not on a romantic level… I think… Syd and Carmy do things for each other. She is a source of peace and focus for him and I think, at times, he can be a source of inspiration and reliability. Even if sometimes he doesn’t succeed ”.

The second season of The Bear attempted another relationship for Carmy, who contemplated a romance with childhood friend Claire (Molly Gordon). Sadly, in the season 2 finale the two apparently broke up. As a result, the possibility opens up of Sydney becoming a future love interest for the boy.
If Carmy is determined not to let anything distract him from his restaurant, a fellow chef at the rebranded The Bear could be the perfect route to a relationship.

Sydney also helps resolve much of Carmy’s stress, serving as a dependable figure able to lend a steady hand to the more chaotic elements of The Bear. She knows how to calm Carmy down and he too can be a reliable figure for her. Should there be a third season, The Bear could begin to explore a different intimate relationship between Carmy and Sydney.

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