Valentina Ferragni, photos too retouched? The controversy arrives and the influencer reacts like this!

Valentina Ferragni has published a photo that appeared too retouched: there was no lack of controversy and the influencer reacted like this! Here’s what happened.

Valentina Ferragni ended up at the center of controversy for having published a photo in which the use of photo editing was noticed too much. Obviously, jokes and controversies arose on the internet that prompted the influencer to react.

Valentina Ferragni, the photo is too retouched and the influencer reacts like this to criticism from the web

In the vortex of influencers victims of an excess of Photo editing it happened too Valentina Ferragnisister of Chiara Ferragni and ex of the influencer Luca Vezil. Valentina in fact, she published a photo that portrayed her in the company of her sisters Chiara and Francesca – who will get married in a few months – and her mother Marina. The occasion was the concert Love Miorganized by his brother-in-law Fedez to raise funds for an association that deals with healthcare for children suffering from neurological diseases.

The three sisters with their mother wanted to take a photo to remember the pleasant day spent together and also to support the Fedez concert, posting the shot on social media. Unfortunately, however, the fans have noticed a detail that has somewhat disconcerted them: in the shot, in fact, from left to right you can see Marina, ValentinaChiara and Francesca, smiling and in the background the Milan Cathedral, in whose square the concert was held, which was then broadcast live on Italia 1.

The influencers looked at their best, smiling and hugging, but fans have noticed something unusualwhich prompted them to observe carefully Valentina Ferragni: in the photo you can see that her arm seemed to have been heavily retouched, as it tapered to fit perfectly with the mother’s body, and then widened with a strange swelling at the wrist. The dimensions were thus distorted and the fans could not help but indulge in criticisms and comments towards the influencer for the excessive use of a photo editing app.

The The influencer’s reaction was immediate e Valentina Ferragni he preferred to nip the controversy in the bud, making the photo disappear: in fact, the shot is no longer visible on any of the influencer profiles.

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