Juror #2 – Some set photos confirm the start of filming on Clint Eastwood’s thriller

Clint Eastwood and Nicholas Hoult have been immortalized on the set of Juror #2, a thriller that will mark the end of the director’s career. In the cast, also Toni Collette and Kiefer Sutherland.

The he resumed Of Juror #2 – feature film that will sanction the end of Clint Eastwood’s prolific career – I’m officially begin. To confirm it, some photos leaked onlinewhich show the director and the protagonist Nicholas Hoult immortalized on the set set up in Savannah (Georgia).

Juror #2 – Clint Eastwood and Nicholas Hoult protagonists of some shots from the set

Despite the writers’ strike, work on the latest effort by Clint Eastwood – 93 years old on 31 May – they are therefore proceeding at full speed. As mentioned, the director and Nicholas Hoult were in fact photographed on set during filming. Hoult – who in the shots leaked on the net appears dressed in causal clothes – will lend body and voice to the protagonist of the project, Justin Kemp, a young family man involved in a murder trialas sworn. But when he realizes be the culprit – in fact killed the victim in a car accident – will have to decide whether to turn himself in or whether to find a way to manipulate the jury, clearing the innocent defendant and, at the same time, eliminating suspicions about his involvement. Next to him we find then Toni Collette e Kiefer Sutherlandas Kemp’s case-handling district attorney and sponsor during Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, respectively. Then complete the cast, in roles not yet revealed, Zoey Deutch, Leslie Bibb e Gabriel Low – became an international star thanks to the Netflix series The Night Agentalready renewed for a second season.

Juror #2 is based on a screenplay written by Jonathan Abrams, while Eastwood is also involved as a producer. The director has also personally chosen the project to devote himself to to end his career, – after examining many scripts – and has actively participated in the casting processes. Production on the feature film began in April – Warner Bros., the production house of the feature film, was in fact still defining the final details of the budget and the timing. The partnership between Eastwood and Warner has lasted for fifty years and since 2008 – the year of release of Gran Turin – the filmmaker has directed films distributed exclusively by Warner, resulting in 10 projects – among which they stand out Invictus, Sully, American Sniper e Richard Jewell. Nicholas Houltrecently appeared in the dark comedy Reinfeldis also expected in Nosferatu by Robert Eggers. All that remains is to wait for further updates on Juror #2waiting to discover the release date.

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