Beatrice Valli, the influencer with photos of the sea launches a message of body positivity

The influencer Beatrice Valli allowed herself a few days at the sea, showing herself in costume after the birth of her fourth daughter and sending a clear message of acceptance. Let’s see together what she said!

Influencing it Beatrice Valli has decided to launch an important message of acceptance and body positivityposting her photos by the sea, in swimsuit, on social networks, a few months after the birth of her fourth daughter.

Beatrice Valli: with her photos in swimsuit she becomes a champion of body positivity

After her journey as a suitor of Men and womenwhere she met the tronista Marco Fantini, her current husband and father of her three daughters, Azzurra, Bianca and Matilda Luce, Beatrice Valli she has become a well-known influencer with a large following of followers on social networks. On Instagram she often tells moments of her family’s daily life and shows herself very naturally, promoting messages of acceptance of one’s body and self, against the ideals of a false perfection that circulate on the net.

Furthermore, many times she was heavily insulted for her physical appearance and similar treatment was suffered by her sister Ludovica Valli, also a former face of Men and Women, and who recently found herself countering the accusations of having undergone cosmetic operations to improve her b-side. But, true to her ironic nature, Ludovica Valli he responded tit-for-tat with a video that’s already going viral on TikTok.

His sister is no less Beatrice which, to counter the false messages of physical perfection and the anxiety to always appear in shape, which intensifies as the “swim rehearsal” approaches. To do this, she showed up in a bathing suit, at the sea, a few months after the birth of the baby Matilda Luce, who came into the world on April 24th.

The influencer has decided to show himself in a bikini and, in the stories, has published a message from bodypositivity which has been around the web and has been greatly appreciated by her fans:

“Yes, this is a normal body of a woman who gave birth only two months ago…Don’t be fooled by those who, after a very short time, already have a flat stomach and maybe flaunt it to show you that she’s already back in shape. It’s fine as you are. It took me more than a year with Azzurra and I was fine anyway.”

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