Monday, February 26, 2024
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Secret Invasion, Skrulls appear on American news and at weddings

Secret Invasion, Skrulls appear on American news and at weddings

Secret Invasion she landed up Disney+ last week, immediately showing us a compelling and engaging story where, apparently, nothing is as it seems, as we also had the opportunity to say in our review of the first episode. The show, which sees an exceptional cast formed by Samuel L Jackson, Emilia Clarke (who was recently able to speak about his involvement in the series spin-off di Game Of Thrones dedicata a Jon Snow), Cobie Smulders, Don Cheadle, Martin Freeman, Olivia Colman, Carmen Ejogo, Christopher McDonald, Dermot Mulroney e Killian Scott, tells of a faction of shapeshifting skrulls who infiltrated Earth and remained incognito for years. The news reaches the ears of Nick Fury, who will then reunite with his allies and together they will race against time to thwart the impending invasion, even more so now that the infiltrating skrulls have quietly replaced some of the most powerful and influential leaders on the planet. There is no doubt that this was One of the most anticipated new TV series coming to Disney+ in June, and what is certain is that it brought with it a marketing campaign… Truly unique.

In fact, flesh and blood skrulls have been spotted in the United States, both in the news and at weddings. In short, the Secret Invasion marketing campaign has decided to take hold in everyday life as well.

Well yes, to make it clear that from this TV series it is really necessary to expect everything and that nothing is ever really as it seems, for Secret Invasion the focus was on a marketing campaign in which the enemies could also be present directly in our world and not only in television fiction. On Reddit there have been many fans who have reported the presence of skrull in the news of newscasts it’s us variety programs from ABC, television channel which is still owned by Disney. But not only that, because some skrulls have also been spotted at civil events such as marriage, as another user on Reddit reported, then reposted on Twitter from the official Secret Invasion account.

A few other users on Reddit said they saw a skrull in Chicago over the weekend, intent on observing his reflection. Appalled at first, he admitted it makes sense now that he’s noticed how many sightings there have been besides his own. This type of publicity stunt for Secret Invasion has certainly sent fans into raptures, who have admitted that, regardless of the subsequent performance of the show, the advertising sector of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney has certainly done a quality job.