Isola dei Famosi, Nathaly Caldonazzo is unbalanced on Marco Mazzoli and then reveals: “Here’s who disappointed me the most”

Nathaly Caldonazzo reveals her thoughts on the castaways of the 17th edition of L’Isola dei Famosi.

Nathaly Caldonazzo was one of the undisputed protagonists of the 17th edition of The Island of the Famous. Interviewed by Novella 2000, the showgirl commented on the victory of Marco Mazzoli and revealed his thoughts on his now former adventure companions.

Nathaly Caldonazzo freewheeling on the castaways of L’Isola

Nathaly Caldonazzo gave a long interview to Novella 2000 in which he recalled his intense experience at The Island of the Famousmade up of heated discussions and tough comparisons, and commented on the victory of the spaker Marco Mazzoli:

Intense experience. I didn’t want to go home right away like the first time. I was focused and I had taken up the challenge with commitment. Did I feel sorry for the defeat in televoting? A little, but it’s all part of the game. Unfortunately, physical competitions were not my forte. The others always won. But if these people had been nominated… What do I think of Marco Mazzoli’s victory? Of all the remaining ones, Marco is fine.

The Caldonazzo she then went on to reveal that she stayed disappointed by two castaways in particular:

There may be hatred, then as soon as you leave the game you understand that you are joking. There are dislikes and ways of doing things that you don’t like. There everything is amplified. Maybe I wouldn’t defend some people, Luca Vetrone and Christopher Leoni. They were in trouble and it was spontaneous to help them, but I didn’t appreciate their behavior. Luca is a kid and I don’t judge, but Christopher…

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About instead of clashes with Alessandro Cecchi Paone and the relationship born with Helena Prestes, nathaly he has declared:

There was nothing to clarify with him. Maybe an unfortunate sentence has been said. A few smiles eased the tensions. There was less meanness than other people. I saw Helena a bit like my daughter, but more capricious. She’s a good girl, with her temper. We experienced the same things in the same way from the group. I felt like I was close to her. In reality shows from here to say that you become friends is always a bit difficult, but who knows.

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