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Warrior Nun Saved From Cancellation, Fans Have Made It: Season 3 Is Coming!

Warrior Nun Saved From Cancellation, Fans Have Made It: Season 3 Is Coming!

Since its cancellation in December 2022, Warrior Nun saw a spike in online popularity thanks to the campaign #SaveWarriorNun who sought — and achieved — a revival of the series for a third season. Only a few months ago it was showrunner Simon Barry himself who urged fans to continue their fight through a tweet that read: “Here’s what I know. When #WarriorNun is rescued and/or resurrected it will be thanks to you, the FANDOM family. This is absolutely clear and that’s why you. You can not. Stop. #SaveWarriorNun”. Now it’s official: the fans have done it.

Warrior Nun will officially return with a third season

Campaigns by fans of TV shows very rarely lead to results, but those of Warrior Nun they were definitely fierce and wouldn’t easily take “no” for an answer. Their prayers, after months and months of waiting, have in fact been answered and Simon Barry hasn’t been slow to write a tweet to let everyone know that their mission has been accomplished and that Warrior Nun will return for a third season. These are his words: “Today I am happy to officially announce that, thanks to your voices, your passion and your efforts, #WarriorNun will be back and it will be more epic than you can imagine. More details to come! SOON! Thank you! #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNunSaved“. For the moment we don’t have many details on the third season of the series, but the announcement of the “resurrection” of this series was enough to send all the fans into raptures. Warrior Nun.

There isn’t much information yet on the third season of Warrior Nun

The singular TV series in question tells us the story of Ava, a 19-year-old quadriplegic girl who mysteriously dies in an orphanage run by nuns and where she resided. However, the place where her body is taken is suddenly attacked by dark and mysterious forces and a nun, after extracting the “sacred Halo” from the back of a deceased warrior nun, inserts it into Ava’s back. She the latter resurrects her, also acquiring the ability to walk. However, frightened by her new ability to see demons, she runs away in terror. Meanwhile, the religious order that accidentally implanted her halo is looking for her because she has now become the “warrior nun”. In the two seasons that we have seen, all sorts of things have happened, and now we just have to wait to find out more about the third.

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