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The Promise Advances Episodes from 3 to 7 July 2023: Curro humiliates Jana and tries to slap her but Manuel intervenes!

The Promise Advances Episodes from 3 to 7 July 2023: Curro humiliates Jana and tries to slap her but Manuel intervenes!

Let’s discover together the Previews of the Episodes of the Soap La Promessa, broadcast on Canale5 in the week from 3 to 7 July 2023.

The promise va broadcast on Channel 5in the time slot included between 14.45 and 16.00. The Soap takes us into Spain of 1913for an exciting story of love and intrigue, which will keep us company from Monday to Friday. Let’s find out together Advances of the episodes that they will be broadcast from 3 to 7 July 2023:

Episode of Monday 3 July 2023

I Cruz’s plans are about to come true. Jimena returns to the estate e talk to Manuel of the their arranged marriage, which neither of them seem enthusiastic about. Lujan doesn’t want to give up his dreams and his freedom but his mother, who meanwhile discovers that her son has won the Los Pedroches Cup, has other plans in mind for him. Pia thinks what to do with the her pregnancy e consider having an abortion. Jana offers her support while trying to keep her resolve to get away from Manuel e you approach Curro insteadThat treats her but still with great contempt. Simona instead find out who is the mysterious “cook” That sneaks around their kitchens While Mauro and Leonor continue the their love story.

Episode of Tuesday 4 July 2023

I marquises have discovered That Manuel has participated in the Coppa de Los Pedroches and decide to confront their son and corner him. Cruz then gets an idea per bring the boy closer to Jimena. Convince Manuel to fly together with the girl. Manuel accepts but despite the beautiful moment, he realizes that the flight was not as fun and exciting as that Done with Jana. Meanwhile she the latter tries to don’t lose sight of his goalthat is to say Curro. Unfortunately, more and more he realizes that the boy is spoiledcapricious and sometimes tyrannical, which makes his mission very complicated. Simona suspects that Lope is the mysterious cook and decides to keep the secret and track down the boy alone while Pia decides to have an abortionwith the marquise’s approval and Romulo’s support.

Episode of Wednesday 5 July 2023

Curro humiliates Jana and the he even forces to apologize for his reaction. The girl is shocked by how she has become her brother but she has no intention of giving up; sooner or later the young man will discover the whole truth. Don Alonso continue to be scared of his bankruptcy ma Cruz keeps telling him not to accept the money from his father. The Marquise then has another goal. To silence the rumors circulating about them, he can’t give up on celebrating his birthday. To find the necessary money, sells a very valuable brooch but family, belonging to Catalina. Leonor would like to come out with Mauro e prepare a meeting with the fatherto tell him all while Jana and Maria break free from the Tomas wedding ring. Simona sets a trap for Lope, to make sure that he is the mysterious cook.

Episode of Thursday 6 July 2023

Leonor fails to reveal to her father from the her story with Mauro ma he doesn’t have time to inform the young man of this and the waiter comes to the Marquis elegantly dressed. Don Alonso, not understanding the situation, gets angry with him for his impudence. Meanwhile Simona and Lope reveal each other i their secrets. The cook confesses to the young man that the letters from her children are false and that none of them have ever written to her while the young man confirms that he is the mysterious cook but that he cannot tell anyone; not being a woman, they would never take him seriously and would even accuse him of having something wrong. Meanwhile Cruz continues preparations for her birthdaywithout however telling her husband where the money came from. Between Curro and Jana things they do increasingly complicated. Il boy can’t help himself e he reveals to the waitress that he can’t stand it. Jana reacts bravely and the young man loses patience and is about to hit her.

Episode of Friday 7 July 2023

Curro is about to hit Jana ma Manuel intervenes and stops his cousin. The marquis scolds the boy and even forces him to apologize to the maid. Meanwhile Cruz goes on to throw a big party on his birthday and Catalina and Simona get annoyed. The two do not understand how the woman can be so insensitive to mourning the death of Tomas that, in doing so, it will not be respected. Pia left the estate to have an abortion e Petrahappy with this, try to take advantage of the situation and to assume its duties. The housekeeperbefore the woman can reach her goal, reappears at the estate. Manuel never miss an opportunity to mend the rift with Jana but she no longer intends to give in. Teresa scolds Mauro and tells him to be careful. Jana almost found out and she, if he pays no more attention, she won’t lie for him anymore.

The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.