The 5 best British-style crime TV series you can find on Prime Video

You have quickly scrolled through the list that we propose and you have noticed that it is missing Sherlock? Don’t panic, we have a plausible explanation. We of Hall of Seriesin fact, we thought we’d offer you the five best series crime molded british currently present on Prime Video excluding the better known one because it is to be considered as out of competition. In a hypothetical competition to decree the best series crime british the one played by Benedict Cumberbatch would have a separate category and we didn’t think it was appropriate to include it in this short list, preferring to focus on others to offer you little jewels that can expand your personal catalog.

We have chosen five series from the catalogue Prime Videosome of which are quite well known. Or rather, the characters that are represented are known because the series are quite dated. Timeless characters, seen and reviewed in the cinema and on television. Others, however, are probably unknown but we assure you they are worth watching.
Because the British, despite their quirks like right-hand drive, the Queen… ah no, sorry, force of habit: the King! We said: the British. Well, the British know how to do series crime. Really good. Because I am able to blend different elements together like the grimmest violence to the subtlest irony, the gloom of the suburbs of industrial cities to the bucolic countryside.
The series crime English are completely different from American because focus more on the charactersabout their background and how it affects them, and they favor psychological development more than investigative procedure.

If you like thrillers that are a little different from the usual then here are five series that Prime Video can offer you. You will find that while having many things in common each of these productions is a unique really interesting and you will spend several hours in the company of police inspectors and elderly ladies with the habit of investigating without ever getting bored!

1) Young Inspector Morse

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Reading the title, thanks to our passion for TV series, we immediately get the idea that Young Inspector Morse be a prequel. And so it is, in fact: Endeavor (original title) tells, on Prime Video the adventures of the young man Endeavour Morsea character invented by the mystery writer and novelist Colin Dexter (1930-2017) and transposed on television for the first time between 1987 and 2000 (Inspector Morseplayed by John Thaw).
Broadcast from the UK network ITV, Young Inspector Morse has received critical acclaim and great acclaim from the public who since the first episode and for all the following thirty-six, spread over 9 seasons, has followed him with great enthusiasm.

The character of Inspector Morse is played by Shaun Evans, English actor and director well known in his homeland. The story is set in the 1960s and covers the young Morse’s police career first as an agent and then as a detective sergeant in the section of the Criminal Investigation Department of the city of Oxford.
The nine seasons cover a period from 1965 to 1972 and the production and costumes have been very faithful and therefore appreciated by both the public and the critics.

2) Poirot

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Agatha Christie’s Poirotthe real title of the English series, aired on ITV between 1989 and 2013 for a total of seventy episodes spread over thirteen seasons. The Belgian detective (and not French as he is often forced to specify in the episodes) is a character invented by the great English mystery writer Agatha Christie (1890-1976). It was first published in 1920 and last in 1975. In between he was the protagonist of 33 novels and 55 short stories. The first time he appeared on the big screen was in 1931, played by Austin Trevor and during these decades great actors such as Albert Finney, Peter Ustinov e Kenneth Branagh they lent their face to the small and chubby detective private.

In the only television version ever made so far (excluding a three-part miniseries released on ABC in 2018) the role of Poirot was entrusted to David Courtney Suchet. The critics and relatives of the writer agreed that the English actor was perfect to embody the fussy and vain spirit of the investigator.
The series, which got the nomination to twenty BAFTA only for the first three seasons, in the 2000s it needed some sort of restyling. The authors, solicited by the public, noticed a certain heaviness in the stories of detective Belgian. Thus, a new batch of screenwriters, younger and above all more modernthey began to revamp the character without though never go off the rails traced by Agatha Christiealso because from the first to the last all the episodes have been adapted from the literary works of the writer.
The television epic of Hercule Poirot, visible thanks to Prime Videoclosed on November 13, 2013 with his death: “when on that late November afternoon I had to shoot the end of my adventure, a part of me died with the character” the words of the actor.

3) Miss Marple

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Agatha Christie’s Marple is the other television series based on a character created by the English writer. Also in this case the episodes were broadcast by the British channel ITV: to be precise, twenty-three episodes distributed over six seasons.
Contrary to Agatha Christie’s Poirotvery faithful to the texts of the writer, the authors of Miss Marple they took several licenses in writing the scripts making the character more current despite being set in the past.

Like Poirot, Miss Marple has also been played by various actresses over time. Very famous, for example, are the interpretations of Margaret Rutherford in four films for the cinema which, however, disappointed the author.
On television the character of Miss Marple had a first adaptation edited by BBC aired between 1984 and 1992. She was chosen to play the detective Joan Hicksongreat theater actress.
In the second adaptation, the one present on Prime Videowas chosen Geraldine McEwan who played the character for the first time three seasoni at the end of which he had to retire from the scene. Instead of her she was chosen Julia McKenzie which continued until the sixth and final season.
The series achieved good critical and spectator success, albeit less than Poirot. The change of actress came perfectly absorbed by viewers who stuck with the TV show. At the end of the sixth season the BBC repurchased the rights convinced that the ITV she would never be able to produce any more seasons. Currently, however, other seasons are not planned on the character even if there are rumors of a new one reboot.

4) Miss Fischer

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Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian television series based on the character of Phryne Fisherprotagonist of the detective novels invented by the Australian writer of Kerry Greenwood.
The Adventures of Miss Fisher is set in late 1920s Melbourne. The woman is a highly skilled private investigator, who drives private planes, cars and dresses wearing pants. She is an aristocrat of its own kindhas never been married but has had a lot of lovers and stands up for the right ideals engaging in the appropriate battles to remedy the criminal evil.

From Miss Fischer we have only one television adaptation, moreover present on Prime Video. On the other hand it is a relatively new character, especially when compared to Miss Marple or Poirot, created at the beginning of the 20th century.
The adaptation of the novels by Kerry Greenwood has produced three seasons: the first and second of thirteen episodes each while the third only of eight. The thirty-four episodes were aired between 2012 and 2015 and have been sold in 120 different countries including Italy where it was broadcast by RAI1.
The actress was called to play the protagonist Essie Davisformerly known for Babadook and having participated in, among other things, a Game of Thrones as Lady Crane in season six.
From the series was then produced one spin off, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysterieswhich tells the story of Miss Fischer’s niece who, in addition to having inherited the estate, has also inherited the pleasure of investigating and solving cases.

5) Inspector Barnaby

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Midsomer Murdersthe original title, is a series that, like the other previous ones, aired on the channel ITV. It was initially an adaptation of the books by Caroline Graham but later, thanks to the success achieved, the character of Inspector Barnaby was developed to become one of the most famous detectives on English television (and known and appreciated all over the world).
The series ofInspector Barnaby it saw the light in March 1997 and today has 138 episodes divided over 23 seasons as it is still in production. During this long career, the authors had to face the abandonment of the scenes of the first protagonist, John Nettlesreplaced in 2011 by Neil Dudgeon who played the inspector’s cousin.

The Adventures of Inspector Barnaby, online are Prime Videotake place in a fictional English county, with i cottage typical and the moors trampled by sheep. In a dream location, which is somewhat reminiscent of Cabot Cove of “Murder, she wrote”heinous murders take place creating a sort of contradiction between the picturesque image and the harsh reality.
My he crime british he is at his best in humor black which is often showcased in the manner in which deaths are staged. There is a continuous interplay between reality and fiction that makes the series never take yourself too seriously.
L‘Inspector Barnaby is an incredible success, known in over two hundred countries around the world. Her creator, Caroline Graham, said she was proud to have contributed to the creation of such a popular character capable of making known the spirit of the English countryside, so different from that of the citizens.

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