Secret Invasion: has the Marvel series hinted at the arrival of a new villain?

The latest installment in the Marvel series may have hinted at the arrival of a new threat to our heroes.

Secret Invasion: has the Marvel series hinted at the arrival of a new villain?

The second episode of was streamed today Secret Invasionthe Marvel Studios series centered on the Skrull invasion of Earth from within and with Samuel L. Jackson starring as Nick Fury. Is a new big villain on the way?

WARNING: do not proceed with reading the article if you don’t want to run into spoilers of the last episode of the series.

During the second episode of Secret Invasion, the daughter of Talos and Soren, G’iah, behind Gravik and the Skrull terrorists who respond to his orders, discovered a clue that would suggest the potential arrival of an important comic book villain Marvel, il Super-Skrull.

G’iah begins her investigation by following Pagon to a laboratory run by Rosa and Victor Dalton, or at least the Skrulls who duplicated them. The three talk about “collection” sites, though a later computer search reveals what they’re looking for: Super DNA.

While searching a computer in Gravik’s office for clues, G’iah sees a collection of DNA samples used in Dalton’s experiments. All should be familiar to MCU fans. There is a DNA sample of a “Flora Colossus” species, i.e. Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The Skrulls also appear to have come into possession of Cull Obsidian’s hand which was severed by Wong’s portal closure in Avengers: Infinity War. They have DNA from a Jotunheim frostbeast, suggesting that the creature left behind on Earth at the end of Thor: The Dark World met a horrific fate. Finally, the Skrulls also have a sample of Extremis, the fiery super-soldier serum that Aldrich Killian injected himself and others in Iron Man 3.

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