Hijack serie tv: uscita, cast, streaming

Hijack tv series when it comes out? From June 28 on Apple TV+

Comes exclusively on Apple TV+ the first season of Hijack TV series, a title that with a real-time narration tells the attempt of an airplane hijacking and the plan to try to resolve the situation by a skilled negotiator. We are therefore talking about a high-voltage thriller, focused on the efforts of the authorities to manage an airplane hijacking and save the passengers, as can be guessed from the title itself which translated means “hijacking”.

The thriller miniseries with Idris Elba is available on the platform starting from Wednesday 28 June 2023.

Plot of Hijack, what is it about?

What is the miniseries about? Sam Nelson is an expert negotiator working in the industrial sector. During the flight to London the plane is hijacked and the situation soon appears desperate. To try and save the lives of the passengers, Sam tries to use his talent and experience in negotiation. But this time everyone’s life is at stake and cunning could lead to his downfall.

Hijack cast, actors and characters

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Who do we find in the main cast Of Hijack? Here is the list of the actors and their respective characters:

  • Idris Elba is Sam Nelson
  • Archie Panjabi is Zahra Gahfoor
  • Neil Maskell and Stuart Atterton
  • Eve Myles is Alice Sinclair
  • Christine Adams it’s Marsha Smith-Nelson
  • Max Beesley is BY Daniel Farrell
  • Kate Phillips it’s Collette
  • Ben Miles is Robin Allen

Epidemics of Hijack, how many are there?

In all they are seven episodes that make up the first chapter of the thriller miniseries. Idris Elbafive-time Emmy Award nominee for Lutherinterpreted and produced the title created by George Kay (already author of the Netflix series Lupin e you Criminal) and designed together with Jim Field Smith.

Trailers on Hijack

Streaming hijack, where to see it?

In streaming, the miniseries Hijack is available exclusively on Apple TV+ in all the countries reached by the service.

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