How does Sophie Cross end? The end

How does Sophie Cross end?

How it ends Sophie Cross – Hidden Truths? It concludes Tuesday 27 June in prime time on Rai 1 of the French-German-Belgian TV series broadcast in Italy since 13 June 2023.

Created by Paul Piedfort and directed by Frank Van Mechelenthe first season of Sophie Cross told the story of this woman, a former lawyer, ready to join the police force to shed light on the mysterious disappearance of her six-year-old son.

At her side her husband, as well as Commissioner Thomas, has never abandoned her. Will they finally be able to find little Arthur?

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Alexia Barlier (Sophie Cross) in a scene from
Alexia Barlier (Sophie Cross) in a scene from “Sophie Cross – Hidden Truths”. Credits: Rai

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The first season of Sophie Cross – Hidden Truths, and in detail with a new murder case involving a private investigator named John Delmotte. His death ends up reopening a case that took place five years earlier, in which a diamond merchant was killed using the same weapon and a perpetrator was convicted in an exemplary way.

Meanwhile, a new photo of her missing son awakens new hope in Sophie Cross. Thus, the woman also receives the support of her husband Thomas Leclercq who, thanks to new evidence, sets out in search of Arthur, who disappeared more than three years ago.

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The protagonist then also receives unexpected support from her superior Gabriel Deville, who advises her to never give up. Meanwhile, the investigation into the death of the private detective continues, as the questionable methods used by Deville to put the main suspect behind bars arrive, Joseph Montoya. Bureau chief Leclerq therefore has no choice but to suspend his chief investigator.

Now it’s up to Sophie – together with the commissioners Amina Dequesne and Fred Fontaine and the coroner Alexander Brandt – to clarify the contradictions and open questions to find the killer and exonerate Deville. Meanwhile, Sophie again meets a colleague of hers from her days as a lawyer. Olivier Marchand urges Montoya to get out of jail as soon as possible.

Gabriel, who was in charge of the case at the time, is now being investigated by Internal Affairs. Sophie and Thomas, using the images on Stavros’ computer, manage to locate the playground in the photograph with Arthur. Will they be able to find it?

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