Super Mario Bros. The Movie, an Exclusive Clip from Toad Bonus Content, for Ultra HD 4K and Blu-ray Release

Super Mario Bros. – The Movie is available in Ultra HD 4K physical digital, Blu-ray and DVD versions, including collectibles. To celebrate the release, we show you an exclusive clip in Italian with extra content. How did the Toad character for the Illumination and Nintendo cartoon come about?

Super Mario Bros. – The Movie has also recently landed in Ultra HD 4K, Blu-ray and dvd under the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment label, and we can exclusively show you one clips in Italian dai extra content: the comedian Keegan Michael Key explains how he gave birth to Toad on the screen, in agreement with the directors, the screenwriter and the whole team of theIllumination. She knew fans would be very demanding, not to mention the Nintendobut Keegan still had the freedom to improvise and let loose…

Super Mario Bros. – The film, the digital release after the triumph at the cinema

100 million dollars budget, 1,330,190,500 revenues (source Boxofficemojo): that of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie it is an absolute triumph, of which they are very proud Illumination e Nintendo, partner in this operation that has brought one of the most famous characters in the world of video games to the cinema, for forty years now. In the Power Up Edition in Ultra HD 4K, Blu-ray e dvd find place half an hour of extra content, of which we have shown you a taste. More specifically, the special contents are: “We know the cast” about the original voice actors and their engagement with iconic characters; “Unlock new levels” on the transposition of the game into an animated feature film; “How-to guide of Super Mario Bros. – The movie” to explain what are the bonuses shown in the film and their effects; “Peaches“, the Karaoke version of the song performed Jack Black as the villain Bowser; “Leadership lessons with Anya Taylor-Joy“, where the original voice actress of Peach she gives us some advice on how to deal with great responsibilities: she is a princess, but we all have seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead of us…

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