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Paola Di Benedetto and Raoul Bellanova, the flirt confirmed by a revealing kiss!

Paola Di Benedetto and Raoul Bellanova, the flirt confirmed by a revealing kiss!

Are Paola Di Benedetto and the footballer Raoul Bellanova a couple? Let’s see together the social clues!

The model and speaker Paula DiBenedetto in recent times she has often been at the center of gossip for the alleged flashback with the ex Federico Rossi, of the duo Benji & Fede, on whose breakup she recently told some details. After confirming, however, that she and her ex are nothing more than good friends, it does indeed appear that new romance is on the horizon for the model.

Paola Di Benedetto and Raoul Bellanova, the kiss between the two takes place!

The alleged flashback was denied by the same of Benedictwho, during an interview, stated that, beyond everything that was read on gossip sites, between her and Rossi there was nothing but a beautiful friendship and that their relationship ended in a very serene way.

To reveal the indiscretion was Amedeo Venzaknown gossip talker of the network, who has published the photos of Paula DiBenedetto with the new flame in his stories on Instagram. A few weeks ago we told you about how the influencer was spotted with a football face, the former Inter defender. The couple had been spotted in Milan, in a well-known fashion venue and they seemed particularly close.

To this report was added that of Venza, who published the stories of on his Instagram profile of Benedict e Bellanova together in a local while they exchanged a sweet kissthus confirming that they are dating:

“Paola and the former Inter player Bellanova”

At the moment, however, no official confirmation has come from either of the two interested parties.