Big Brother Vip, Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia: “Why is everything so perfect and wonderful?”

Guendalina Tavassi’s brother, Edoardo, spoke about his relationship with Micol Incorvaia, born during the seventh edition of the Gf Vip.

Edoardo Tavassi, during the radio broadcast It won’t happen again broadcast on Radio Radio, spoke about his relationship with Micol Incorvaiaborn during the seventh edition of Gf Vip.

Gf Vip, Edoardo Tavassi: “Micol and I are very similar, for me it’s a dream”

Here’s what the former gieffino said, as reported by Isaiah:

“By now Micol has decided to move to my house in Rome and she goes back and forth carrying things to my house. But since my house is as big as Chiara Ferragni’s walk-in closet, if not less, and I hadn’t budgeted anything other than Big Brother i would have found the woman of my life or something, we should probably find a bigger house. Either I go out, or her stuff comes in, that’s the thing. However we are towards coexistence, in Rome, yes! We are looking at houses together to try and have a cottage of our dreams. We are taking action to find the largest house. Anything goes, as long as it’s close to where I work because my ass weighs on me.”

“More jealous? I don’t really give any reason to be jealous. If you’re jealous of me you must be jealous of computers, video games or comics. I don’t do worldly life or anything. I trust her so much. She doesn’t give me not even way. A healthy jealousy, mostly jokes but nothing major. It never gave me a way to be. I’m someone who before I get to put someone down I evaluate, you are a person who gives so much trust. I’m never there been things of jealousy, never half a thing, never happened.”

Tavassi also talked about the possibility of starting a family with Micol:

A son? But one thinks about it, the point is this: you find a girl, you like her, you live with her for a while, you want to consolidate what your ideas about her were. In my ideal of life yes various children, let’s make two, a boy and a girl. But there is proof, right? Of the steps. We get along and that’s what worries me, why do you say where’s the catch? Why is everything so perfect and wonderful? Yes we are very similar. We don’t fight, there’s no reason to fight. For me it is a dream. Small symbolic things that I have symbolic that I’ve always dreamed of in my life, like exchanging manga. A girl who has your irony, a beautiful girl, she has all the characteristics you like, even any interest and you’ve done bingo. The only argument is that women need to understand that when men play video games and the game is online, there is no such thing as a break. Don’t tell him go open it, because then he dies in the game. Yes, she and I fit a lot. Such great compatibility in terms of interests is like being with a blonde and beautiful Edoardo. We even say the same things at the same time.”

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