Isola dei Famosi, this is how much Marco Mazzoli earned with the reality show!

How much did Marco Mazzoli earn by participating in the Isola dei Famosi? Here’s what the person concerned revealed!

Marco Mazzoli he triumphed at The Island of the Famous and in a direct Instagram he revealed to his followers how much he earned during the experience.

Isola dei Famosi, this is how much Marco Mazzoli has earned

The former castaway and winner of the reality show decided to answer some curiosities from the fans and told some background stories about his experience in Honduras. Among the various curiosities he revealed what castaways really eat during the reality show and, above all, how much money did he make between his participation and winning the program.

Bouquets revealed that, with the exception of his manager’s fee and the taxes to be paid, earned 50,000 euros participating in the Canale5 reality show. The winner of The Island of the Famous however, he did not specify whether the sum also included the substantial prize money that is due to those who triumph in the program conducted by Ilary Blasi. However, the speaker wanted to clarify that the decision to participate in the program did not depend on the economic side and on the advantages that, in that sense, he would have obtained:

“It’s an experience that I didn’t have for the money. I haven’t taken a lira from the program yet. They pay out in 90 days. I won 100,000 euros, but half of it is to be donated to charity. At the end of the 100,000 euros I’ll have about 50,000 left. I won’t spit on it, of course!”

The portion to be donated to charity will be donated to various kennels and a pizzeria run by disabled children. While the rest will be used to pay his manager’s fees and taxes. But what will he do with it Bunches of earned money? Here’s what she replied:

“These I won I will spend all on my wedding.”

Bouquetsin fact, during the first episodes of the reality show he revealed to the public and to the presenter that he and his wife Stefania got married in a hurry during a holiday in the USA and that, for this reason, Stefania was unable to have the wedding she dreamed of. However, Bouquets he declared, on live TV, that as soon as he left the program he wanted to reconfirm his wedding vows and give her the ceremony he has always dreamed of and deserved. A promise that has melted the hearts of the audience from home and which, now, the speaker will be able to keep, giving his wife the wedding of her dreams.

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