Another Sunday tomorrow: times and programming

Does Another Tomorrow also air on Sundays?

Another tomorrow also airs by Sunday? This is the question of the fans of the Spanish soap after discovering that from 24 June 2023 the airing of the telenovela on Canale 5 extends even on Saturday afternoonsbroadcasting three new episodes.

Let’s talk about the soap created by Joseph Cister Rubiodirected by Miguel Conde, Giselle Llanio, Ana Vázquez and Mario Montero, produced by TVE in collaboration with Bamboo Productions

Unfortunately, however, this important variation only affects Saturday afternoons, since Sunday remains the day set aside for the broadcasting of Bitter land, another top soap of the network aired in Canale 5 day-time.

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Silvia Acosta (Patricia) in a scene from
Silvia Acosta (Patricia) in a scene from “Another Tomorrow”. Credits: Mediaset

Another tomorrow when 2023 ends

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When it might end Another tomorrow on Channel 5? Now that the programming of the soap has increased the episodes broadcast weekly, it is also legitimate to ask when it could end in Italy on Canale 5.

Although at the moment we do not yet know an official end date, we know that in total the first and only season of the soap consists of 255 episodes.

Of these, just over half were broadcast in Italy. This means that, one year after the start of broadcasting on Canale 5, it is possible that Another tomorrow ends its transmission between August and September 2023. However, there is still one hypothesis to be confirmed.

Another new programming tomorrow

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In summary, as of June 24, 2023 Another tomorrow kicks off a new programming on Canale 5. The soap, in fact, not only continues from Monday to Friday, but is also broadcast on Saturday afternoons with three new episodes. Here is therefore a summary scheme of the new programming

  • Another tomorrow from Monday to Friday – split episodes – from 16:10
  • Another tomorrow on Saturday – three episodes – from 15:40

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