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Is Terra Amara tomorrow or not?

Terra Amara Turkish advances in Italy

Tomorrow is Terra Amara on Sunday?

After discovering the cancellation of the appointment scheduled for Saturday afternoon, the excitement grows in the fans of Bitter land who wonder if tomorrow there is no more a new episode! The soap Will it continue to air on Sundays or not?

Despite the absence of the soap on Saturday afternoons, it is important to remember that the programming of Bitter land over the weekend it did not stop, but only underwent a change.

In fact, starting from 24 June 2023, the Turkish television serial is no longer broadcast on Saturdays, but exclusively on Sundays at the weekend. So, despite today’s absence, the new episode scheduled for the weekend has been moved directly to Sunday, around 3pm.

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Another good news is that as of Wednesday 28 June 2023 the episodes of the unpublished third season of the soap kick off, with Hilal Altınbilek and Uğur Güneş as protagonists.

It is worth mentioning that the soap consists of four Seasons in total, with a total of 141 episodes in Turkey, lasting around 150 minutes each, and a little more in Italy, with episodes lasting around 25 minutes. As mentioned above, at the moment Canale 5 is about to start airing the third season.

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Da sinistra: Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) e Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) in una scene di
The sinister: Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) and Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

Terra Amara new programming

How does programming change? Bitter land and Saturday 24 June 2023? Here is a summary diagram with all the dates and times of airing of the soap in the first vision on Canale 5:

  • In onda from Monday to Friday with half an episode at 14:10
  • In onda Sunday with an episode at 15:00

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If you can’t keep up with these times, you can always catch up on already-broadcast episodes for free at Mediaset Infinity.

Terra Amara previews of tomorrow

After learning about the events involving Behice e Zuleyha, Yilmaz hurries to the hospital. The fate of Zuleyha appears to lead her back to prison, once the doctors consider her sufficiently recovered. As soon as she is discharged, however, the young woman meets her Yilmaz, who is beside himself, completely agitated. Despite Fekeli’s advice to control his anger, Yilmaz wastes no time and rushes to the hospital. In an attempt to calm him down, Zuleyha supports the theory of the nightmare supported by the doctors and by Julide. The presence of Yilmaz in the hospital he provokes the wrath of Mujgan, who finds in Sabahattin an understanding listener, an outlet valve. Furthermore, Muggan he travels to prison, where he has a heated confrontation with Zuleyha. The words exchanged in this conversation sow terrible doubt in Zuleyha’s mind