Chicago PD and Law & Order: Organized Crime tonight on Italia 1: plot and cast of the episodes of 23 June

Tonight on Italia 1 Chicago PD 9 and Law & Order: Organized Crime 2 are back: here are the plots and protagonists of the episodes of 23 June.

Chicago PD and Law & Order: Organized Crime tonight on Italia 1: plot and cast of the episodes of 23 June

This eveningJune 23, starting at 9:20 pm, su Italia 1 three new episodes of Chicago PD, season nine finale. At the end, an episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime 2. The two series are the respective spinoffs of Chicago Fire and Law & Order – Special Victims Unit. Here are the plots and the main protagonists of tonight’s episodes.

Chicago PD

The action drama tells the story of the Chicago Police Department following two different teams: the Uniformed Patrol Cops and the Intelligent Unit. At the head of Intelligence is Sergeant Voight, a tough and demanding man who does not hesitate to break the law in order to obtain justice. The daily life of patrol officers is a constant challenge and the only ray of light is the dream of advancing and becoming part of the team’s elite.

NBC is currently airing the tenth season of Chicago PD, the series has been renewed for an eleventh season.

Episodes of June 23, 2023

Season 9 – Episode 20 – Memories

Mr and Mrs Grace are brutally murdered at home, Voight and the team search an archived case for the clues needed to solve the crime. Burgess and Ruzek worry about Makayl’s recovery.

Season 9 – Episode 21 – House of Cards

Escano entrusts Anna with a very important task: to collect a consignment of goods on behalf of the cartel and participate in a meeting with him to exchange money. This is the opportunity Intelligence has been waiting for. However, some new members of Los Temidos are arrested during a violent crime, perpetrated as an initiation rite on Escano’s orders.

Season 9 – Episode 22 – Season Finale – You and Me

Upon her arrival at the precinct, Anna is subjected to an interrogation and is subsequently placed in the Witness Protection program. Detective Voight presses Prosecutor Chapman to obtain a warrant for Escano’s arrest and, faced with obstacles, is also forced to adopt a threatening tone. Eventually, the prosecutor grants search warrants for Escano’s properties.


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Law & Order: Organized Crime

Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to fight organized crime after a devastating personal loss. However, the city and the police department have changed dramatically in the decade he’s been away, and he must adjust to a new justice system even as his showdown unfolds.

From Law & Order to The Afterparty, all crazy about crime

NBC is currently airing the third season of Law & Order: Organized Crime, the series has been renewed for a fourth season.

Episode dated June 23, 2023

Season 2 – episode 04 – For a few more Leks

After being provoked by Luka, Stabler loses control and breaks his nose, arousing the wrath of Kosta, Luka’s father and future father-in-law of the young man. However, Stabler gets away with it by claiming that the boy questioned her loyalty. To redeem himself, he decides to prove his worth by participating in a robbery, during which he is forced to shoot a criminal in self-defense.

Meanwhile, the task force, with the help of cybercriminal Malachi, develops encrypted cell phones to distribute to major crime syndicates in the city, unaware that such devices allow the police to intercept their messages. Meanwhile, Stabler, yielding to the advances of Flutura Briscu, discovers clues concerning a trafficking of young Albanian women in her house.


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