Isola dei Famosi: Marco Mazzoli against Gian Maria Sainato: “Telenovela actor of poor quality”

The radio announcer, winner of the 17th edition of the Isola dei Famosi, accused the model of assuming the role of victim for visibility.

The radio announcer, Marco Mazzoliwinner of the 17th edition of the‘Island of the Famousaccused the model from Campania Gian Maria Sainato to assume the role of victim for visibility.

Isola, Marco Mazzoli: “Gian Maria Sainato tried to pass me off as a bully and homophobe”

Sainatoconcluded his adventure in the Canale 5 reality show, was very resentful of a joke Bouquets he addressed him speaking in the feminine. “I’m a boy and you have to call me him!” wrote the model on Twitter, also pointing the finger at it Vladimir Luxuria guilty of not defending him during the incident.

Marco he then returned to the story interviewed by the portal I read:

“Gian Maria, on the other hand, is a poor quality soap opera actor who tried to make me look like a bully and homophobe. He declared himself bisexual, “femminiell”, there was never the intention of offending his sexuality. Also because I’m fond of Cecchi Paone and Simone, I built a suite for them to make love to. Homophobia is the furthest thing from me. Using this thing to seek notoriety I find the most sordid thing in the world ”.

Also Vladimir answered Gian Maria Sainato with these words:

“Dear Gian Maria, in the meantime, it was a pleasure to meet you and you really enjoyed me as a castaway”, wrote Luxuria to the former castaway, “You know well how much I care about opposing homophobic language and jokes. In this case I had a different interpretation : the castaways were undecided if it was Alessandra or Helena who could return… Ilary said to give the illusion of helping them ‘she’s a woman’ Saying this certainly didn’t help them understand who it was and so Marco said ‘ then it’s Gian Maria!’ as if to give a surreal answer to a useless clue. I want to refuse to believe that Marco defines you as a ‘woman’ for your sexual orientation with all due respect for women, and I know it well that instead I get pissed when they call me Instead, if Marco has already made homophobic jokes to you before, let me know because we all want to know the truth”.

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