Isola dei Famosi, Gian Maria Sainato: “The jokes of Marco Mazzoli and Paolo Noise have reopened wounds that have never healed”

Gian Maria Sainato freewheeling on the winner of the 17th edition of L’Isola dei Famosi.

Gian Maria Sainato released a long interview with Vanity Fair in which he took stock of his experience a The Island of the Famous: give her jokes about his sexual orientation spoken by the winner Marco Mazzoli garlic attacks suffered during his stay in Honduras passed over in silence by the other castaways.

Gian Maria Sainato against Mazzoli and Noise

The The 17th edition of L’Isola dei Famosi was won by Marco Mazzoli. The former castaway thought about commenting on his journey in Honduras Gian Maria Sainato which, interviewed by Vanity Fair, has harshly criticized the behavior assumed by the winner and Paolo Noise towards him:

I think I was penalized for entering L’Isola dei Famosi later than the others because many of them had made friends in Milan, even before arriving in Honduras: I had no hope of being protected, given that there were already dynamics that led everyone to study a way to reach the final as long as possible. Marco Mazzoli and Paolo Noise started making fun of me right away, making little jokes about my sexuality. They justified themselves by saying that they had always made jokes like that but I, having experienced homophobia at school, took it badly: those jokes reopened wounds that never healed…

They called me “girly”, they made fun of the fact that I was bisexual, they told me that I almost certainly preferred men. These were words that awakened so many pains, and that is why one day, when we were in the water, I asked Marco and Paolo to stop (….) Marco now says that I wanted to make him sound homophobic, but I don’t invent things: there are the recordings that speak for themselves. I cried after that conversation with him. Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Pamela Camassa, there and there , hugged me, but then they too withdrew: they have always been on Marco’s side because his was the dominant group, and perhaps they were afraid of being left out.

Gian Maria he continued by stating:

I didn’t say anything live because they admitted they were joking and apologized: I didn’t want them to be considered homophobic, also because I’m convinced they aren’t. They promised me they wouldn’t do it again and I believed their words but unfortunately that wasn’t the case, given that a few weeks later history repeated itself. Now I expect a sincere apology. If a person feels offended and humiliated by her comedy, I think it is sacrosanct to say stop.

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Sainato also commented the attitude of Vladimir Luxuriaguilty of having made a mistake in managing the situation in the studio:

She should have intervened as a defender of rights. We spoke on social media and she told me that she hadn’t noticed these attacks during the daytime, although in my opinion this explanation doesn’t hold up: I think she’s grabbing at straws to protect the situation and not to spoil the party. When Nicolas Vaporidis called her masculine last year she responded in kind defending herself and setting a good example for her. Not this time.

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