Big Brother Vip, former competitor confesses: “Agreeing to participate was a mistake I regret bitterly”

Alda D’Eusanio returns to talk about her participation in Big Brother Vip.

The experience in the House of Big Brother VIP it cost dearly Alda D’Eusanio since, after being disqualified from the game, she disappeared from the small screen. Interviewed by the weekly Nuovo, the journalist made no secret that she had participated in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini was a wrong choice.

Alda D’Eusanio’s outburst on the Gf Vip

Alda D’Eusanio she went back to talking about Big Brother VIP. As recalled by Biccy, the well-known journalist disappeared from the small screen after being expelled from the reality show for having made serious statements against both Adriano Aragozzini and Laura Pausini. In an interview with Nuovo, she Alda in fact revealed that she regretted having accepted to participate in the program:

I was ruined by GF Vip… I don’t know how the dramatic idea of ​​participating came to my mind, it will always remain a mystery. So I probably accepted out of vanity…And it hurt me badly. Accepting was a mistake that I regret bitterly, also due to the disastrous consequences it had… They kicked me out with ignominy, in slippers and pajamas, without giving me the opportunity to say a word….

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Given the precedents with Mediaset, the D’Eusanius he never missed an opportunity to ask her if maybe there could be one possibility of returning to Rai with the new management. “I think I still have something to say and I hope that the new appointments will restore my place in the sun…” said the reporter.

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