Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli without brakes on the castaways: “Some recited blatantly, they used strategies”

The winner of the 17th edition of L’Isola dei Famosi takes stock of his experience in Honduras.

A few days before the final, Marco Mazzoli gave an interview to Corriere della Sera. The radio speaker of Lo Zoo di 105 e winner of the 17th edition of L’Isola dei Famosi took stock of his intense journey in Honduras and revealed his thoughts on his now former adventure companions.

Mazzoli spills the beans on the castaways of L’Isola dei Famosi

Marco Mazzoli came back to talk about his experience a The Island of the Famous. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the radio announcer of Lo Zoo di 105 recounted all the emotions he experienced and took the opportunity to launch some shot at some competitors of the 17th edition of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi:

Some contestants acted blatantly, it was like being in a soap opera. They pretended in front of the cameras. They used strategies (at first I didn’t even understand what the word strategy meant). I bonded a lot with Andrea Lo Cicero (ex rugby player), we became brothers; he sympathized with Alessandro Cecchi Paone and his boyfriend Simone: I built a love nest for their intimacy, in spite of those who say I’m homophobic; and a friendship was born with Cristina Scuccia (ex nun): she is an extraordinary person, she came out of her shell. I hope to visit her…

As for Helena Prestes (Brazilian model) I tried to go towards her, but in the end the other castaways were right: she is a really problematic person. And I had a heated argument with Gian Maria Sainato, who tried to pass me off as two homophobes.

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About his vittoria, Bouquets he has declared:

I won because the real Marco came out, good-natured, kind and moved and not the “bad” one from the “Zoo”. And then above all for the listeners of the radio program who televoted for me. Because they are not mere listeners, at the “Radio 105 Zoo” we are a family. We are a group of misfits who laugh and move together. I recommended? Nothing more fake. Except that I work for an American company, not directly for Mediaset. And then there really wasn’t any favoritism. Only malice. After all, haters are everywhere.

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