The best streaming movies of a great character actor like John Goodman

The actor-fetish of the Coen brothers turns 71 today. We celebrate his incredible career through five streaming films.

He turns seventy-one today John Goodman, probably the character actor par excellence if we think of the history of contemporary American cinema. A favorite actor of Joel and Ethan Coen, this extraordinary actor has worked, supporting or starring, in many of the most important and celebrated films of our times. Unfortunately, the appeal of the Italian platforms lacks a small personal cult like Beyond life (1999) by Martin Scorsese. For the rest the five film in streaming selected in order to pay due tribute to him, they testify to the stage presence and versatility of a unique actor. Incredibly never nominated for an Oscar, when he would have deserved many statuettes as a supporting actor. Happy Birthday Mr Goodman! And to you, as always, happy reading.

Five streaming cult films starring John Goodman

  • Arizona Junior
  • Always – Per sempre
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Flight
  • Argo

Arizona Junior (1987)

John Goodman e William Forsythe coming out of the mud screaming like demons escaped from hell is probably the most delirious and iconic moment of a must-see cinematic ride. The first collaboration with the Coen brothers to see Nicholas Cage in a state of grace and a Holly Hunter gently feverish as the protagonists of a surreal comedy. Arizona Junior confirms the crystalline talent of all those who participated, becoming a cult object for cinephiles and non-cinephiles alike. Unmissable, hilarious, unleashed. A treat for a couple only in their second film. Amazing…Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Always – Per sempre (1989)

Supporting the protagonists Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter Goodman gives probably the most important performance of his early career, in a lovable and totally Spielbergian character. Updated remake of Joe the pilot with Spencer Tracy, Always – Per sempre becomes one of the great melancholy tales of Steven Spielberg, a film that softens and excites with the power of ideas but above all of feelings. And the short part of Audrey Hepburn it’s legendary. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

The Big Lebowski (1998)

The role for which John Goodman is loved by cinephiles and not around the world. loosely inspired by the conservative John Milius, his warmongering character ready to argue his case with bullets becomes a macabre parody of America. And next to the dude’s Jeff Bridges becomes the perfect counterpart. If then to close the cast there are Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffmanas he did The Big Lebowski not to become the cult-movie it is? We personally don’t love it madly, but there’s a lot of great cinema inside it…Available on Google Play, Apple ItunesAmazon Prime Video, NOW.

Flight (2012)

Incredible that Goodman was not nominated for an Oscar. When he is on stage Flight it has a higher gear, from drama it almost turns into comedy of the absurd. Also in this case, a perfect interpretation at the service of an equally majestic one Denzel Washington. Robert Zemeckis directs a spectacular but also personal film. Audiences and critics applauded, and deservedly so. The Plane Crash Sequence Still Shocks Even After All These Years…Available at CHILIGoogle Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Argo (2013)

In an all-star cast that also sees supporting Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, Kyle Chandler, Chris Messina and many others, Goodman carves out his precise and sly space, helping as always to elevate the tone of the film. Not that there was too much need, since Argo it really proves to be an intelligent, precise and very witty feature film. Ben Affleck as director and protagonist he really hits the mark. And in fact the Oscar for best film of the year arrives, which really doesn’t clash… Available on CHILI, Google Play, Apple Itunes.

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