Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli wins but our moral winner is Cristina Scuccia

Marco Mazzoli is the winner of the seventeenth edition of the Isola dei Famosi. For the 105 radio announcer, it was an announced triumph. But it didn’t convince us and Cristina Scuccia morally wins the edition.

Marco Mazzoli is the winner of the seventeenth edition of theIsland of the Famous. For the 105 radio announcer, it was a decidedly heralded triumph. During very final of the reality show, was perhaps dangerously tailed by Luca Vetrone who during the episode managed to get the better of no less than four flash televotes, placing himself in second place. Bouquetsat the time of the proclamation, thanked his wife, dedicating the victory to his colleague and former shipwreck Paul Noisethen talking about Chico Strong, “a person who was inside me when I couldn’t take it anymore. Chico has been wrongfully incarcerated for 24 years with no release date. Thank you Chico, can’t wait to see you again“. An important hint that perhaps, for just one moment, managed to make us forget the Bouquets particularly sarcastic and biting we saw over 60 days in Honduras. The public liked this attitude so much that it awarded it with victory, but sometimes, a well-known Milanese radio host, it seemed out of place to us. He himself called himself changed, far from the usual “badness” which he usually expresses on the radio, but the desire to make jokes at all costs and at all times has forced him into the character in a reality show that deserves more naturalness and spontaneity. Marco’s lightness especially with the shoulder of Noise the public didn’t mind, on the contrary, it was the main reason for seeing them triumph (even more if they remained as a couple like in the first few weeks).

Going back to victory, there are those who definitely conquered the podium even though they didn’t get there. We are talking about Cristina Scuccia among the finalists but eliminated in the opening episode, which, in our opinion, managed to morally win the edition. Because the adventure of the island, characterized by deprivations that must be drawn on in mental and physical strength, must be or we want it to be an inevitable change, a transformation and sometimes a rebirth. Before leaving, the former winner of The Voice, had stated: “Mine is an act of pure unconsciousness. I’m taking this experience to face my fears. I’m living it as an upgrade in my personal growth”. Many fears for Scuccia were faced and during the adventure she managed to get naked with herself and also with her own body. “I will avoid the bikini because it would not feel comfortable. I have found a solution that suits me better. I will be composed”. In a precise moment of his Island, Cristina she has “stripped off” taboos. She freed herself by showing her physique and declaring herself in love. (a love still shrouded in mystery but we are sure it’s only a matter of time) Basically, she managed to take that step towards freedom, taking off the weight that made her lighter, sunnier, closer to the woman she wants to be today. For Cristina this change was progressive and then tangible.

L’Isola for her it was a real rebirth and therefore, inevitably, a victory.

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