Men and Women, Gianni Sperti’s big birthday party: those present and the great absentees

The historic columnist of Men and Women, celebrated the important milestone of 50 years locally in the city of Naples.

Lo historic columnist of Men and Women, Gianni Sperticelebrated the important milestone of the 50 years old locally in the city of Naples. The former dancer celebrated his birthday on 12 April but the super party was celebrated yesterday, Saturday 17 June.

Men and Women, Gianni Sperti celebrates with Tina Cipollari and other well-known faces of the program

At the party of experiencedthere were many faces of Maria De Filippi dating show, including, her friend and colleague of all time, Tina Cipollati.

As reported by colleagues of GossipTvin addition to Cipollarswas present Ida Platanoalways very intimate a experiencedtogether of course with the boyfriend Alexander Proximity and yet another pair of classic throne, Lavinia Mauro and Alessio Corvino and two other well-known former tronistas, Luca Salatino and Matteo Ranieri. great absentee, Maria De Filippi, engaged in the recordings of Tempation Island in Sardinia.

As shown in the video below, John and Tina you are having a fun dance at the center of the track among the many guests and photographers ready to capture the moment.

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