Bridgerton 3, a first look at the new season with Colin and Penelope protagonists

What does Bridgerton Season 3 have in store for us? Let’s find out in the first first look of the new episodes of the popular Netflix series, shown during TUDUM.

Bridgerton 3, a first look at the new season with Colin and Penelope protagonists

It’s time to go back to the loves and scandals of Bridgerton with the first look from the third season of the famous series Netflix. And HILL in fact, we get a first taste of what will be the love story between Colin and Penelope.


Back to Bridgerton Court

After taking a dive into Bridgerton’s past with the prequel spin-off Queen Csrlotta: A Bridgerton Story, it’s time to return to the present and to the Bridgerton boys, who will once again be the protagonists of the scandals and stories of love usually told by Lady Whistledown.

But what happens when it is Lady Whistledown herself who is involved in the most talked about relationship of the moment?
In Bridgerton 3 we will in fact see the story of Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) aka Lady Whistledown told!

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Scattered order, but not by chance

For Bridgerton readers, the news of the Colin and Penelope focus for the new season of the Netflix series may not have been very well received, considering the fact that, in doing so, the show has betrayed the order of the books, which instead he wanted Benedict (Luke Thompson) to star in the next story.

It must be said that the foundations for being able to deepen the relationship between Colin and Penelope had been laid for some time now, so it can be understandable as a choice by the production, and according to what we saw in the trailer, it does not seem that Netflix will disappoint us .

And you, how much hype do you have for Bridgerton’s return?

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