Beautiful Previews: What will happen to Taylor after Rome? Here are all the speculations about the fate of Hayes

Brooke will follow Ridge to Rome and the inevitable will happen between them. But what will happen to Taylor when the Forresters return from Rome? Here are all the hypotheses and assumptions about the plots of the next episodes of Beautiful aired in the United States and soon also in Italy on Canale5.

All ready for Italian episodes Of Beautiful. Over US is going to be broadcast The Soap episodes filmed in Romethat they will see Hope and Thomas submit their new collection in the Capital. I two will be accompanied by Ridge and Brooke – as well as Steffy and Carter – who, as we discovered, they will find their love again. My chat will happen to Taylor? When the Forresters return home, what will become of her?

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke and Ridge find their destiny in Rome

In next american episodes Of Beautiful We will see Brooke and Ridge find their destinies. Theirs will be a great reunion and it is now almost certain that the two soon get married again. A not entirely unexpected ending, given that this couple always finds a way to reunite despite everything and everyone. There magic of the Capital will convince the Forrester That the woman of his life is and will always be his Logan and a romantic walk in one of the most iconic places in the Eternal City will do the rest.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Brooke and Ridge will be engaged again but Taylor?

It just seems like that fate will bring Brooke and Ridge together e he will bring them back from Rome engaged and ready to get married. A reunion that will make both Donna and Katie very happy, always supporters of the Logan/Forrester couple but also RJ. The boy, although he has never wanted to meddle in his family’s gossiping affairs, will certainly be happy to see his parents together again. But who really won’t swallow and this time it will be a fury, it will be Taylor. According to the our predictions, Hayes will be hurt by Ridge’s attitude who, before leaving, again had an ambiguous attitude towards her. The doctor might not hold up this time and completely lose your mind. Who knows if he will leave another time or decide to take a ruthless lookout against his former friend Brooke.

Beautiful Previews: What will be the fate of Taylor?

Taylor will reactivate Obviously very bad to this novelty but what will be his fate after reviewed Brooke and Ridge together. Let’s do some guess:

  • Taylor might decide to leave Los Angeles again and go back to caring for the sick around the world. Her Red Cross nurse spirit could then awaken to the despair of having lost the man of his life again;
  • Hayes might though decide to fight for her love e become ruthless. Between her and Brooke – apart from a small parenthesis – there has never been friendship but the doctor has never taken revenge on her rival … at least not in a sneaky way. Is it possible that Taylor, exhausted, could decide to become dangerous for Logan? It is a hypothesis that cannot be excluded in the Beautiful universe;
  • Taylor could throw definitely the sponge with Ridge. After being left on the altar and then forgotten in Rome, Hayes may decide to forget her lover and maybe find consolation into what she called a brilliant and charming man. We are talking about Deacon Sharpe, which the doctor praised with the aim of instilling courage with Brooke. And with Logan out of action, Taylor might actually care about the bartender.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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