On Wednesday 2, in a video Jenna Ortega and the other protagonists of the series discuss fan theories

Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday and Hunter Doohan, in a video presented exclusively at TUDUM 2023, analyzed the theories of Wednesday’s fans

On Wednesday 2, in a video Jenna Ortega and the other protagonists of the series discuss fan theories

The wait for the second season Of Wednesday grows and fan theories multiply. Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday e Hunter Doohan they were special guests at TUDUM 2023, and in a video presented during the event organized by Netflix, the actors analyzed some of their admirers’ theories.

theory 1: Crackstone’s ring

In Wednesday’s season 1 finale, we witnessed the scene where Joseph Crackstone’s ring, played by William Houston, falls to the floor. The question fans are asking is: “Someone picked him up and got his powers?“. In the video presented during the TUDUM 2023 event, the protagonists express their opinion, claiming that the ring may have ended up in the hands of Eugene Ottinger, (Moosa Mostafa). According to them, Eugene could use it as a tool for revenge against of those who bullied him.

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Teoria 2: L’Hyde Master

In the final episode of the season, Wednesday defeated the Hyde Master. Fans are wondering if the character played by Jenna Ortega will be the monster of the second season. An interesting theory points out that the car in which Wednesday was traveling crossed paths with the armored car carrying Tyler Galpin, played by Hunter Doohan, just as she was transforming.

Jenna welcomes this theory and comments that it would be fascinating to play the monster in season 2.

Theory 3: Weems and Lurch

In the emotional finale of the first season, the character of Larissa Weems, played by Gwendoline Christie, died. However, since she is a shapeshifter, no images of her funeral were shown. Fans are convinced that Lurch, played by George Burcea, the Addams family butler who appears in the final scene driving the car that takes Wednesday home, has a different eye color than seen in previous episodes. This has led fans to speculate that Larissa Weems has transformed into butler Lurch.

The actors featured in the video find the theory that Larissa Weems assumed Lurch’s appearance very interesting. “It makes sense“, admits William, confirming the enthusiasm shared by the other actors.

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Theory 4: The Addams Family

The latest theory involves a new member of the Addams Family joining the cast. Finally, a spoiler is revealed. All the protagonists of the video confirm that there will be a new character, even if they don’t reveal who of the bizarre family we will see in the second season.

Jenna Ortega expresses her desire for Cousin Itt to be part of the cast. Emma Myers and Joy Sunday, on the other hand, would be thrilled if the new character was Grandma Addams.

During a conversation with Elle Fanning, organized by Variety, Jenna Ortega guaranteed that Wednesday’s new season will be even darker. “We decided to put more emphasis on the horror aspect of the show“, said the actress. Jenna, then disappointed fans of the ships, assuring that no romance is expected for her character. “We’re dropping any possible romantic interest for Wednesday, which I think is great“, he has declared.

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