Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 Previews: Gemma and Marco won’t be there… but only in the first part of the season

The first previews of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 reveal to us that Gemma and Marco will be absent in the new season or rather in the first episodes aired from September 2023. Let’s find out together why and what their destiny will be.

Gemma and Marco will not be present nell’eighth season of Ladies Paradise ma only in the first part. The two lovers, who crowned their dream of love in the last episodes of last season, they will not be protagonists of the first episodes in onda dal next september but, according to spoilers, they might return mid-season with their baby and ready to get married.

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies: Gemma and Marco will not be there but…

Gemma and Marco won’t be there at least not in first episodes of Ladies Paradise 8. Di Sant’Erasmo and Zanatta will be absent in the episodes that will be aired again from next September 2023. Currently neither Gaia Bavaro nor Moisè Curia have been spotted on the set of the Soap and it is therefore foreseeable that their characters will appear later in the series. Gemma and Marco, after meeting each other, could decide to return to the United States together, to build their little love nest, waiting for the birth of their child.

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Ladies’ Paradise Advances: Will Gemma and Marco get married?

Gemma e Marco they might as well not be flown to the United States. After the problems Zanatta had during pregnancy, the two may have decided to stay in Italy but perhaps far from Milan, to prepare for the birth of their child. Gemma could therefore give birth in some expensive clinic, financed by her wealthy boyfriend and return home only once she becomes a mother. THE characters from Zanatta and Di Sant’Erasmoalthough absent in the first few episodes, it would seem destined to return very soon, at least to put a stop to their love story perhaps with a wedding. There are also rumors of a Stephanie’s returneven with Federico, her new partner and who knows if the family will finally reunite. Union, however, without Eziowhich it appears to be ever closer to departure for the USAwhere he would be reunited with Gloria.

Plots and Previews The Ladies’ Paradise: Ezio out of the game and Vittorio back with Matilde?

At the end of last season we saw Ezio uncover Veronica’s devious plans. We have already told you about one possible farewell of the Columbus in Milan and at Soap, for return to his glory, who still loves very much. We also mentioned a possible one flashback between Vittorio and Matilde. Well now it seems that the two are destined to get back together, in defiance of Tancredi. There Frigerio will discover her husband’s secrets and will decide to turn her back on him, to return to the Conti, still in love with her. But the love between them will of course still hampered and to put them i there could also be a spoke in the works for Martha. Will it really be like this?

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