Black Mirror 6×01: the Protagonists on the Scene of the Church

Black Mirror 6x01: Annie Murphy is Excited about the Scene in the Church, but Salma Hayek...No

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Warning: This article contains spoilers

Despite its controversial nature, Annie Murphy she’s extremely excited to shoot the episode’s audacious church scene Joan is Terribledespite its controversial nature.

As we have seen, in the episode Joan (Murphy) eats a disproportionate amount of hamburgers, followed by a laxative and goes to a nearby church. Wearing a cheerleader uniform and with an outrageous graphic on her forehead, the character interrupts a wedding ceremony and performs an act of public defecation, with guests watching in horror.

The interpreter of that version of Joan commented on the scene:
“The excitement was palpable in shooting it. It was a mix of ridicule, horror, amusement and disgust. It was especially exhilarating to see the different performances of each actor and how they immersed themselves in the moment”.

However, the same enthusiasm was not shared by co-star Salma Hayek:
“Salma was understandably reluctant to shoot the scene, she is a very elegant woman. Personally, I was looking forward to this provocative scene”.

The reaction of Hayek The scene reflects her character in the TV series perfectly: the repercussions of seeing herself portrayed in such a negative context prompt her to track down Joan to put an end to the AI-generated content.

The sixth season of Black Mirror which got the perfect score on Rotten Tomatoesis available on Netflix.

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