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Shark teeth, Virginia Raffaele: “The shark was scary even if it was fake!”

Shark teeth, Virginia Raffaele: "The shark was scary even if it was fake!"

Interview with Virginia Raffaele and Tiziano Menichelli, protagonists of Denti da squalo, first work by Davide Gentile. In the cast also Edoardo Pesce and Claudio Santamaria. In the hall.

Shark teeth, Virginia Raffaele: 'The shark was scary even if it was fake!'

The fear of finding a shark when you dive into water as a child, whether it is in the sea or in a swimming pool, is something that, when you are older, is laughable, but it is very real. And that’s exactly what happens to Walter, a boy who enters the villa of a criminal and finds the gigantic fish waiting for him at the bottom. The protagonist of Shark teeth And Tiziano Menichellirookie. Virginia Raphael has the role of his mother.

Shark Teeth 3

Shark Teeth: A Sequence from the Film

We met them in Rome, at the preview of the film, in cinemas since June 8th. Menichelli thus recounts the first “encounter” with the shark, created by combining computer graphics and an animatronic: “It was cool at first. It wasn’t true, I had to pretend to run away. I like the pool: I swam fast. At the end of the shoot, however, I threw myself thinking it was gone: I found the model on the bottom. There I was really scared“.

Shark teeth (here the review) is also a story of mourning, as well as a metaphor for facing one’s fears. All the characters ask themselves various questions, from the youngest to the grown-ups. And the film ends with the song by Edoardo Bennato When you’ll grow up. For Raffaele, growing up means: “Sometimes adults are born: you already have a sense of maturity and responsibility. Growing up can have both a positive and a negative meaning. If growing up means abandoning the imagination, moving away from play, from lightness, one hopes never to grow up. If growing up means taking care of someone, having responsibilities, let’s say there’s time for everything. Perhaps every age has its own piece of greatness“.

Shark teeth: interview with Virginia Raffaele and Tiziano Menichelli