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Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone: “I can only be a columnist to the extent that..”

Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Cecchi Paone: "I can only be a columnist to the extent that.."

The latest revelations of the former castaway from L’Isola dei Famosi.

The final of the seventeenth edition of The Island of the Famous it’s getting closer! In the meantime, the former castaway Alessandro Cecchi Paone gave an interview to Superguidatv in which he recalled his experience in Honduras and talked about opportunity to cover the role of commentator on reality shows.

Cecchi Paone columnist? The former castaway speaks

Alessandro Cecchi Paone came back to talk about his controversial experience a The Island of the Famous and not only. Interviewed by Superguida TV, the well-known journalist revealed if, after having participated in the reality show as a contestant, he’d like to be pundit:

L’Isola dei Famosi is the most real reality show of all because you find yourself slammed on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean thousands of miles away from home. It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Compared to the previous editions in which I took part, this time I had Simone with me with whom there was already a great understanding which was then cemented during this experience. Simone and I supported each other in the most difficult moments but we also had fun. (…) Would I like to be a columnist? As far as reality shows are concerned, I can only be a columnist to the extent that I have to intervene on more serious content.

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Cecchi Paonewho is happily engaged to Simone Antonini, then commented on latest statements released by Arisa to The Confession of Peter Gomez. Statements that raised a real media hype:

I was amazed. I have always valued Arisa not only as an artist but also as a person. Simone and I talked about it and when we heard what she was saying we were amazed. In my opinion, she made a bad impression, more or less equivalent to that of Laura Pausini who refused to sing Bella ciao because she was divisive. Perhaps they were badly advised or were eager for job opportunities. They were two unhappy exits.

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