Amici 22, Giulia Stabile breaks the silence on Sangiovanni: “He is and will always remain the first great love”

After weeks of silence, the professional dancer of Amici 22 leans on Sangiovanni.

Julia Stable is one of the most loved and appreciated faces of Amici. Interviewed by Grazia, the very good one professional dancer of Maria De Filippi’s talent show she told herself and finally broke the silence about hers relationship with San Giovanni.

Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni: the sweet words of the dancer

Julia Stable released a new interview with Grazia in which she told herself in the round: from her great passion for dance to her experience in Amici until the his biggest dreami.e. to dance for Rosalia:

My career has just begun and I’ve always wanted to do my best to absorb everything I could. The success I had after Amici? In reality it seems to me that I have done too little to already consider myself a successful artist and since I am fundamentally insecure, every time I start a new job I always think it will be the last. I am followed on social networks and I try to talk about the need to accept ourselves as we are, a topic on which I myself still struggle a lot (…) Even today, if I look in the mirror, I don’t always like myself, but I know that I have to concentrate on importance of being, not of appearing, and I try to tell those who follow me about it.

Giulia he then revealed his own future projects and the his big dream in the drawer:

In the summer I’m going to study in the United States and I’d like to try to have a career there, even if it’s very complicated and I’m not sure I want to leave everything I’ve built in Italy, which is a lot anyway (…) My dream ? I have many, but the very first is to dance for Rosalia, the Spanish singer-songwriter. It would be crazy and I kinda hope so because she started following me on social media.

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The Stable concluded the interview talking about Saint John. About his love story with the young singer, the professional dancer of Amici 22 he has declared:

I can only say that for me he is, and will always be, my first great love.

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