Bridgerton, Beyoncé is a super fan of the TV series and visited the set of the third season

Bridgerton, Beyoncé is a super fan of the TV series and visited the set of the third season

Her majesty the queen of pop Beyoncé had the privilege of visiting the set of the third season of Bridgerton. After confessing to being a super fan of the hit series by Netflix, the megastar had the extraordinary and exclusive opportunity to make a tour private.

The singer of Single Ladies41, was driven around between the location by some of the best-known actors in costume drama. All in conjunction with his tour in the UK, of concerts.

Some executives Netflix – apparently – they contacted the agent of Beyoncé, after knowing the diva’s love for Bridgerton. And a vote arrived at London, they could not miss this incredible opportunity. According to a source reporting the The Sun: “The set was fully locked down for the duration of the singer’s visit and everyone present was told not to say a word to anyone. It was a very high point for the cast and crew“.

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“Once the visit was over, everyone commented on how much Beyoncé was a lovely and simple person.” Also, probably seizing the opportunity for the special visit, the head make-up artist of the show Netflix, Marc Pilcherrevealed that the hair of Beyoncé in the third film of Austin Powers they inspired the afro wig of Regina Charlotte.

Finally, some versions of famous songs by Beyoncé come Halo, Deja vu e Run The World are part of the soundtrack of Bridgerton. As well as other of his songs have been used in the spin-off Queen Charlotte.

The soundtrack will once again be a hallmark of the series, with a combination of classic period songs and modern reinterpretations of famous songs. The music director made sure that the music perfectly matches the romantic and vibrant atmosphere of the story.

The third season of Bridgerton promises to offer even more romance, intrigue and twists. Fans have fallen in love with iconic characters like Daphne e Simon in season one and Anthony in season two. The third season will bring us to know more about the charismatic and charming Benedict Bridgerton.

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