Isola dei Famosi, Marco Mazzoli puts the lie to Gian Maria Sainato: “You faked it in another show, you told me”

Marco Mazzoli faces Gian Maria Sainato at L’Isola dei Famosi.

It’s almost there semifinal of L’Isola dei Famosi which, barring last-minute unforeseen events, will go aired next Monday 19 June 2023 in prime time on Canale 5. while waiting, Marco Mazzoli unmasked Gian Maria Sainato telling everyone about some revelations make them right from the model.

Marco Mazzoli’s revelation about Gian Maria Sainato

Marco Mazzoli has proven Gian Maria Sainato to L’Isola dei Famosi. After asking the young castaway to talk about his sexual orientation, the radio announcer of Lo Zoo di 105 revealed that the model confessed to having faked in another tv show done in the past:

You said that in an old program you pretended and that you weren’t that rich and that you didn’t really lead that life. (…) Regardless of that, there are many rich phonies. People perhaps with a pompous surname, but then underneath everything is different. This flaunting thing was born with the trappers who had to copy the American style a bit. So it was all money, jewelry, fancy cars.

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Statements that resulted in the immediate reaction of Gian Mariawhich he tried to defend themselves against the accusations stating:

I’ve lived a certain way, but I’ve changed. Then when I saw myself again in that programme, I also saw them on television and said to myself ‘I’m not that’. Then a fake way of luxury and fashion and I went into crisis… Mine is a very normal family and I wanted to go back to my roots and thus return to a world that made me feel better. Now I surround myself with real people. I started to walk away from that glossy and fake world. I started to approach a more real world. Even for friendships I put a very powerful filter.

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