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The Idol – What Johnny Depp thinks of the controversial TV series with his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp

The Idol - What Johnny Depp thinks of the controversial TV series with his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp

The Idol is the new tv series with which Sam Levinson he wants to provoke and scandalize the public. After having told without filters the excesses and problems of a group of teenagers in Euphoria, now wants to shine a spotlight on the exploitation young stars of the music industry are subjected to. The protagonist of the story is, in fact, the pop star Jocelyn who, while she is facing a psychotic breakdown due to the death of her mother, she ends up falling into the dangerous trap of Tedros. To anticipate the airing of the first episodes there have been countless controversies, since several insiders have accused the show of being “disturbing and offensive”. To have been criticized in particular were the explicit scenes, which see the protagonist Lily-Rose Deppjudged by some to be excessive.

As the debate heats up, many have been wondering what Johnny Depp thinks of The Idol.

The actor has not released any official statement regarding the new project starring his daughter, but a source close to him revealed to the Daily Mail what would be trying. According to the spokesman, Johnny Depp would be proud of the success that Lily-Rose Depp is getting and the attention it is receiving thanks to this new TV series. The actor would not like to intervene in the controversy regarding the excesses of The Idoltrusting in the common sense of the daughter who has always defended the series. The source told the newspaper:

Johnny Depp is happy that his daughter Lily is forging her own career and challenging herself, taking on roles that interest and challenge her. In fact, Lily isn’t basing her career on her father’s success. Johnny Depp is happy that her daughter is such a strong person, especially now that she is getting more attention thanks to her recent role on The Idol. He’s proud of her and doesn’t intend to participate in the extra debate and drama surrounding the role. He believes she’s doing something right since the role is getting so much attention. He is proud of the success he is achieving.”

Of course, this statement must be taken with a grain of salt, since the actor refused to comment to the newspaper to confirm or deny this version. We can imagine anyway that Johnny Deppwho is a professional who has been working in the world of cinema for many years, he was not at all scandalized by the fact that his daughter participated in the filming of some scandalous scenes. It would probably be more correct to judge if Sam Levinson succeeded in his intent to denounce the rottenness of Hollywood rather than discussing (even in a rather itchy way) the pushed sequences, which see the actress as the protagonist and the possible reaction that her father may have by watching the show.

But to understand this we will have to wait to understand where it will end up The Idol. Every Monday you can watch a new episode of the HBO TV series in a subtitled version on Sky.